The William de Irwin Lodge meets at the Masonic Hall, Hendford, Yeovil BA20 1TQ at 18.30 0n the last Thursday of January, March, May, September (Installation) and November. The Lodge has 52 subscribing members

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Thursday 26th September 2019

Worshipful Master - Derek Marpole
Senior Warden - Neil Tinkley
Junior Warden - Ben Batley
Master Overseer - Peter Divall
Senior Overseer - Steve Frost
Junior Overseer - Bill Holloway
Chaplain - Ken Crang
Treasurer -
Richard Stone
Registrar of Marks - Brian Buckle
Secretary -
Michael Nathan
Director of Ceremonies - David Platten
Almoner - Norman Crang
Charity Steward - Stan Hill
Senior Deacon - Richard Bowring
Junior Deacon - Mike Donohue
Assistant D of C - John Allan
Organist - vacant
Assistant Secretary - vacant
Inner Guard - Chris Jeffery
Stewards - Darren Sinclair
Tyler - Stan Hill

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1988 Roy Morley PGJD
1993 Neville Harrison
1994 Mike Waterman
1999 Richard Stone
2001 John Penny
2003 David Platten GStwd
2005 John Allan SW
2007&12 Brian Foster SW
2008 Ray Failes JO
2009 Colin Hope SD
Brian Buckle SD
2013 Mike Nathan Swd Br
Norman Crang Asst Chap
2015 Ken Crang Dep Chap
2016 Ian Pamplin Swd Br
2017 & 18 Stan Hill Steward
Peter Layzell SD
Darren Sinclair JD
Paul Brice-Bullows

William de Irwin Lodge News and Events

Summer garden party raises fund for Macmillan cancer support

On the 16th July 2016 W Bro. Ken Crang, W M of William de Irwin Mark Lodge No. 162 organised a Garden Party at his home, Parsonage Farm, Yeovil. It was attended by over sixty people, members of the Lodge and their wives together with a number of visitors, which included V W Bro. Ray Guthrie and his wife Hazel, who attended this special function to raise funds for Macmillan cancer support.
£740.00 was raised through the sale of tickets and the proceeds from the raffle, with prizes being donated by the members of the Lodge. The Mark Provincial Grand Master R W Bro. John Morgan very kindly agreed to add to that figure, £300.00 from the Provincial Mark Benevolent fund making a total of £1040.00.
A presentation was then arranged at Yeovil Masonic Hall for the evening of Wednesday August 24th, which was attended by a number of members of the Lodge and their wives and the local fund raising representative for Macmillan Nurses, Mrs Margaret Bebbington and her husband, when W Bro. Ken Crang presented her with a cheque for £1040.08. Mrs Bebbington expressed her grateful thanks on behalf of the Macmillan Nurse for this generous donation and then gave a brief explanation of the work carried out by the Macmillan Nurses. A pleasant evening was enjoyed by all those present.
Neville Harrison
William de Irwin Mark Lodge No. 162
  •  Parsonage Farm

    Parsonage Farm

  •  Tea on the lawn

    Tea on the lawn

  •  Team Crang!

    Team Crang!

  •  Mrs Margaret Bebbington receives cheque on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Suport for £1040 from Ken Crang

    Mrs Margaret Bebbington receives cheque on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Suport for £1040 from Ken Crang

  • Installation of Ken Crang as Master September 2015

    Open or Close
    This installation was a special meeting for the Lodge because the W Master W Bro. Norman Crang Installed his younger brother, Bro Ken Crang as the new Worshipful Master of the Lodge.
    The meeting was honoured by the presence of the PGM R W Bro. John Morgan who was accompanied by the Asst. Director of Ceremonies W Bro. Graham Bodman. We were also honoured by the presence of the Prov. Senior Warden W Bro. Geoff Seaman and the Prov. Junior Warden W Bro. Mike Condick. There were a total of 44 Brethren at the meeting.
    The Installation ceremony was carried out in an excellent manner by W Bro. Norman Crang who installed his brother Ken in a moving way as befitted the occasion. The installing Master invested the new W M with the Double Keystone Collarette and Collarette of the Mark Benevolent Institution and gave a full explanation of their origins and meanings.
    The new W M invested his Officers in a delightful manner with usual Addresses given in a first class manner.
    Under propositions three new candidates were proposed for advancement into the Lodge. They will Advanced into the Lodge at the meetings in November, January and March, subject, of course, to the ballots being successful.
    Now we come to the Festive Board which was something very special. The new W M is a local farmer and he provided three very large joints of locally reared beef for the main course, which were carved at the table by three of the Past Masters of the Lodge. This excellent beef was accompanied by the usual trimmings, the main course was followed by a sweet and then cheese and biscuits. I am sure that all who attended went home feeling somewhat replete.
    The usual toasts were proposed and honoured in the time honoured way. W Bro. Norman Crang, the installing Master proposed the toast to the newly installed W M in a very memorable way, which rendered the newly installed W M almost speechless.
    I am sure that memories of the meeting will long remain in the minds of all those Brethren who were fortunate enough to attend, it was a long evening but a very special and enjoyable one.
    Neville Harrison
    Secretary Wm. De Irwin Mark Lodge No. 162
  • Installation of Norman Crang as Master September 2014

    Open or Close

    William de Irwin Senior Officers Installed 25th September 2014.
    Ken Crang - Senior Warden, Norman Crang - Master and Ian Pamplin - Junior Warden.

  • Installation of Bob McGhee 29th September 2011

    Open or Close
    Installation meeting 29th September 2011. As John Cole the Almoner reported this evening, six officers were missing through illness, some more serious than others. Indeed the Address to the Wardens was given, at short notice, by W Bro. Alan Webber PGJD of Exmoor
    Lodge No 697 in the absence of W Bro. Alan Holton who was not able to attend due to illness. We wish them all a speedy and full recovery.
    That said the Installation of W Bro Bob McGhee by Brian Buckle was first class, it included the address on the keystone jewel by Brian, something not normally done in William de Irwin Lodge. The new Master installed his officers in his normally happy way! Mike Waterman stood down as secretary after thirteen years of dedicated service in that office and immediately took up the office of Charity Steward. You can't keep a good man down!
    The Lodge has candidates for the coming year, hopefully all who are suffering illness will recover, returning to the Lodge to enjoy another successful year.
    Photo (l to r) Brian Foster - Senior Warden, Ray Guthrie - Deputy PGM, Bob McGhee - Master and Mike Nathan - Junior Warden.
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  • Installation of Brian Buckle 30th September 2010

    Open or Close
    Installation night 30th September 2010.
    It was a most enjoyable and happy meeting. W.Bro. Colin Hope Installed his successor W.Bro. Brian Buckle with confidence and style, being ably supported by W.Bros. Alan Holton, Neville Harrison, Mike Waterman and Richard Stone who gave the Addresses to the Wardens, Overseers and Brethren and the Working Tools respectively. It was particularly pleasing to see Mike Nathan hand over as Treasurer after 10 years of dedicated service to the lodge and join the progressive offices as Master Overseer.
    The whole evening proved to be a great success, concluding with a relaxed and lively Festive Board. The lodge certainly appears to be in good heart. Alan Holton, the new lodge Director of Ceremonies has a very sound team to work with and new members will certainly be joining a happy lodge.
    Neil Hawes.
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    The Officers of 162 with the Provincial Junior Grand Warden. l to r Bob McGhee - SW, Neil Hawes - Provincial Junior Grand Warden, Master - Brian Buckle and Junior Warden - Bryan Foster.
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13th December 2016 - Richard Stone appointed to Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank.
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