Meeting at the Masonic Hall, High Street, Yatton, Bristol BS49 4DW at 18.45 on the last Monday, January, March, September and November (Installation). The Lodge has 56 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Monday 25th November 2019

Worshipful Master - Bill Lawrence
Senior Warden - Peter Ansell
Junior Warden - Rowly Ansell
Master Overseer - Peter Tyler
Senior Overseer - Sandy Sandford
Junior Overseer - Dennis Somerton
Chaplain - Eric Sortwell
Treasurer - Grahame Bodman
Registrar of Marks - Sandy Kemlo
Secretary - Mike Amos
Director of Ceremonies - Ian MacDonald
Almoner - Vacant
Charity Steward - Steve Collins
Senior Deacon - Graham Goodhind
Junior Deacon - David Wyatt
Assistant D of C - Garry Mackenzie
Organist - Cardy Foulds
Assistant Secretary - Vacant
Inner Guard - Tom Griffith
Stewards - Gary Sharpe, Ian Burbage and Terry Barter.
Tyler - Brian Reynolds

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1995 Paul Jones JW
1997 Garry Mackenzie
2001 Tony Atherton SW
2002 David Powell JW
2004 Keith Morris JW
2005 Sandy Kemlo
2009 Steve Collings JD
2012 Grahame Bodman SwdBr
2013 Ian MacDonald JD
2014 Rowly Ansell JD
2016 Mike Amos
2017 Graham Goodhind
2018 David Bush
Eric Sortwell SwdB(Bristol)
George Clitherow JO
Roy Wigley JD
Sandy Sandford IofW

George Norman Lodge News and Events

Installation Evening November 2016

Monday 29th November 2016 - Installation of Mike Amos as Master.
The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro.Phil Voisey was in attendance accompanied by W.Bro Grahame Bodman the Provincial Assistant D.C. this evening to see W.Bro Tony Price install his successor, Mike Amos in the Chair of the Lodge.

In the photo left to right, Grahame Bodman - ProvADC, Tony Price -IPM, Graham Goodhind - SW, Mike Amos - Master, Phil Voisey, David Bush - JW and Ian MacDonald.
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  • November 2015 Installation

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    Monday 30th November 2015 - Installation of Tony Price as Master.
    W.Bro Geoff Seaman represented the Provincial Grand Master, he was accompanied by W.Bro Mark Golding the Provincial Deputy D.C. this evening to witness W.Bro Rowly Ansell install his successor in fine fashion. Tony invested his officers well and the festive board afterwards was enjoyed by all.

    In the photo left to right, Mark Golding, Geoff Seaman, Mike Amos SW, Tony Price, Eric Hill JW and David Hutchings the Lodge DC.
    Photo by Sandy Kemlo
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  • November 2014 Installation

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     The George Norman Team of 2014/15
    Mike Amos - Junior Warden, Graham Howell - Provincial Assistant DC, John Morgan - PGM, Rowland Ansell - Master, Tony Price - Senior Warden, not forgetting Dave Hutchings - Lodge DC
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  • November 2012 Installation

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     The George Norman Team of 2012/2013
    DC David Hutchings, JW Rowland Ansell, IPM James Gilbody, DPGM John Morgan, WM Grahame Bodman and SW Ian MacDonald.
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  • January 2012 Burns Supper

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    Monday 30th January 2012. The Master, Jim Gilbody and hid team performed the ceremony of advancement the candidate was Brian Reynolds who enjoyed his evening immensely.
    The meeting was followed by a very special festive board, the "George Norman Burns Night" with a starter of Haggis Tatties and Neeps, and of course a wee dram! The Haggis was piped into the dining room by W.Bro Sandy Kemlo and the address to the haggis given with due regard by Bro Ian McDonald, it was a great George Norman evening!
  • March 20111 A new candidate

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    It was a very good evening at George Norman Mark Lodge on Monday 28th March 2011. The Master, Mike Morrish and his team performed an excellent ceremony of advancement which the candidate Graham Goodhind enjoyed was very impressed.
    After the meeting we all enjoyed the usual jovial George Norman festive board followed by the raffle of a lamb, not a live I hasten to add, one but one grown and butchered by farmer and Lodge member Mike Amos, which he had very kindly donated to the Lodge.

    The phot shows, Junior Warden - Malcolm Behling, Master - Mike Morrish, Candidate - Graham Goodhind and Senior Warden Jim Gilbody.
  • June 2010 Cream Tea at the Observatory

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    Cream Tea at the Observatory
    On Sunday June 13th 2010, George Norman Lodge held a fundraising event for the Provincial Grand Master's Appeal in the gardens of their Charity Steward W.Bro.Tony Atherton.  The Master W.Bro.Stephen Collings and his team prepared a cream tea for 100 people including Masonic widows.  The sunny afternoon was complete when W.Bro.Sandy Kemlo played the bagpipes on the ‘Ramparts’
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  • November 2009 Installation

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    Installation 2009
    At the recent George Norman Installation meeting at Yatton over 100 Mark Masons from all over Somerset and beyond watched W.Brother Martin Yates install his successor Steve Collings into the chair. Watched by The Provincial Grand Master, numerous Grand Officers and Provincial Officers, Martin gave a first class ceremony to give Steve a great start to his Masonic year.
    The Lodge was also honoured by 18 members of the SAMMS team who attended in memory of W.Brother Fred Collings, the late father of Steven, who is still held in high regard both in George Norman and throughout the Somerset Province.
    After the ceremonial part of the evening, the Brethren were entertained by W.Brother Sandy Kemlo piping the new Master to his seat at the festive board and all enjoyed a first class meal with some very entertaining after diner speakers.
    All agreed it had been a lovely evening and George Norman Lodge looks set fair to enjoy yet another successful year.
    The photo show the principal officers appointed for 2009/10
    Mike Morish JW, the new Master Steve Collings and SW Jim Gilbody.
    Garry Mackenzie, Secretary.
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