Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Church Street, Wincanton BA9 9AA. 18.30 On the third Thursday of January, April, September and November (Installation). The Lodge has 29 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Thursday 21st November 2019

Worshipful Master - Alan Chinn
Senior Warden - Max Foote
Junior Warden - James Antell
Master Overseer - John Morey
Senior Overseer - Ian Elliott
Junior Overseer - Butch Arnold
Chaplain - Kevin Aldred
Treasurer - Graham Baker
Registrar of Marks - Mike Waterman
Secretary -
Steve McCarthy
Director of Ceremonies - Tony Wilcox
Almoner - Tony Wilcox
Charity Steward -
Steve McCarthy
Senior Deacon - Paul Cowley
Junior Deacon - Chris Skinner
Assistant D of C - Chris White
Organist - Vacant
Assistant Secretary - Vacant
Inner Guard - Mervyn Burroughs
Stewards - Vacant
Tyler - Tyler

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1995 Chris White PAGStdBr
1999 John Morey
2000 Tony Wilcox
2002 & 10 Mike Waterman PGJD
2004 Danny Toop JO
2006,08&15 Steve McCarthy SW
2009 Max Foote JD
2011 Steve Defries
2013 Kevin Aldred ADC
2014 Jim Randolph JD
2016 Mervyn Burroughs JO
2017 Grahame Baker Steward
2018 Doug Stembridge
Trevor Smith SW

Science Lodge News and Events


November 2019 - Installation night.

W.Bro D Stembridge and the brethren of the lodge welcomed the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Tony Guthrie to the Installation meeting.
W.Bro Doug carried out the Installation Ceremony in a very competent manner and W.Bro Alan Chinn was installed in the chair accordingly.

W.Bro Alan invested and appointed his officers in competent manner and addressed each officer with kind words.

The Lodge was closed in due form and the distinguished brethren retired to the festive board which was enjoyed by all.

In the photo left to right. Doug Stembridge - Installing Master, Alan Chinn - Master, Tony Guthrie - Deputy PGM, Dave Rockey - Provincial ADC and John Morey

Steve McCarthy, Secretary.
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  • Installation meeting November 2012

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    Science Lodge Installation meeting 2012
    L to R
    Bro Butch Arnold with his first office in the Lodge as Steward
    Provincial officers Active and promotion.
    W Bro Max Foote Provincial Grand Junior Deacon
    W Bro Alan Hayward Provincial Grand Senior Overseer
    W Bro Trevor Smith Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden
    Photos, Tony Wilcox
  • Keystone presentation January 2011

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    20th January 2011
    The Lodge was presented with the Traveling Keystone brought to the Wincanton by members of the Hallam Lodge No.730. Four members traveling together nearly did not make the meeting because the car in which they were traveling had 4 SATNAV’s working at once and took them all around the county before arriving a tad late at Wincanton. Those attending the meeting were given a demonstration of the Advancement ceremony (Wincanton Style). A goodly meeting was enjoyed by one and all.
    Pictured l to r John Massey, Bob Cole, Andy Grey, Derek Bromwich, Alan Douglas, Neil Hawes PGJW, Derek Wilton, Mike Waterman WM, Richard Old, Tony Wilcox PGSW and Chris White.
    The members of Science Lodge took the Traveling Keystone to the Cerdic Lodge on the 16th February.
  • Installation meeting November 2010

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    18th November 2010 Installation Meeting

    W.Bro Max Foote made an excellent job of installing his successor, Mike Waterman in the Chair. Those of us who know the temple at Wincanton realise it is not the largest but on this occasion it was packed. Nearly sixty brethren were present when Mike Waterman became Master of the Lodge. It was a splendid evening, Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie commented how good it was to see so many brethren present including the Provincial Senior and Junior Wardens, Tony Wilcox and Neil Hawes and no less than 9 Grand Officers.
    One of the highlights of the ceremony was an excellent presentation of the working tools by Bro Paul Meron, the Lodge Junior Overseer. The ceremony was conducted with dignity and was a pleasure to witness.
    The festive board afterwards was pleasant and good humoured, with some very good toasts, although not many understood the Junior Wardens joke in his toast to the visitors!
    Great Mark fellowship was the order of the day!

    A new but very experienced team at the top, Senior Warden - Steve Defries, Master - Mike Waterman and Junior Warden - Richard Old.
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