Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Church Street, Wincanton BA9 9AA, at 18.30 on the fourth Monday in February (Installation), and September and the first Monday of June. The Lodge has 33 Subscribing Members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Monday 24th February 2020

Ben Batley
Steve Frost
Andrew Johns
Bryan Foster
Richard Stone
Mike Nathan
Asst. DC
Tony Wilcox
Chris White
Garry Mackenzie
Kevin Aldred
John Allan
Asst. Scribe
Brian Buckle
Doug Stembridge
David Hilburn
Stan Hill

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

1995 John Allan RAMGR
1996 John Penny RAMGR
1998 David Platten RAMGR
1999 Bryan Foster RAMGR
2003 Richard Stone RAMGR
2004 Mike Waterman RAMGR
2005 Brian Buckle PrGR
2006 Chris White PrGR
2007 John Morey PrGR
2008-9 Tony Wilcox PrGR
2010 Kevin Kelly PrGR
2011 Mike Nathan PrGR
2012 Roly Bisgrove PrGR
2013 Ian Pamplin
2014 Stan Hill
2015-16 John Hartry
2017-18 Steve McCarthy
2019 Mike Gagg

Trevor Smith PrGR
Peter Webber RAMGR

Herbert Fuller Lodge News and Events

24th February 2020 - Installation meeting

The Past Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro David Nelson was delighted to be able to represent the Provincial Grand Master to witness the installation of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Craft, Ben Batley, into the chair of the Herbert Fuller Lodge of Royal Ark Mriners. The ceremony was conducted in an excellent manner by the installing Commander, W.Bro Mike Gagg, the new commander appointed his officers in his own inimitable style.
In the photo left to right, Senior Warden, Steve "Jack" Frost, David Nelson, Ben Batley and Junior Warden Andrew Johns. Photo - Brian Foster
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  • 18th June 2018 - 50th Certificate for W.Bro John Morey

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    The Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro John Morgan presents a 50th certificate to W.Bro John Morey
  • Installation meeting March 2017

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    The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro Philip Voisey was in attendance at an emergency meeting of the Lodge to witness the Commander John Hartry complete his two years in the chair by installing his successor Steve McCarthy as Commander of the Lodge. The emergency meeting was necessary as the new Commander was unable to attend the normal Installation meeting scheduled for 27th February. Steve then went on to appoint all his officers and is no doubt looking forward to the remainder of his eleven and a half months as commander!
    Photo l to r - Deputy PGM Phil Voisey, Senior Warden George Baker, Commander Steve McCarthy, Junior Warden Mike Gagg and Installing Commander John Hartry.
  • Installation meeting February 2015

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    W.Bro Stan Hill made an excellent job of Installing his successor John Hartry in the Chair of the Lodge, he was ably assisted by all his officers.
    In the photo left to right are Steve McCarthy - Senior Warden, John Morgan PGM, John Hartry - the new Commander, Grahame Baker - Junior Warden and Tony Guthrie Provincial ADC.
  • Installation meeting February 2013

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    Installation meeting, Monday 25th of February 2013.
    Roly Bisgrove the Commander of the Herbert Fuller Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners made an excellent job of installing his successor Ian Pamplin. Geoff Nash was representing the Provincial Grand Master and the Lodge was well supported with members and visitors. Two candidates were successfully balloted for giving Ian and the Lodge a full programme for the coming year.

    l to r Stan Hill - Senior Warden, Ian Pamplin - Commander, John Hartry - Junior Warden and Geoff Nash, Past Deputy PGM.
  • Installation meeting February 2012

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    Installation meeting 27th February 2012. Commander Mike Nathan installed his successor Roly Bisgrove in the Chair in and excellent manner. The Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie, new Commander Roly Bisgrove and installing Commandeer Mike Nathan.
    Photo by Trevor Smith.
  • Installation meeting February 2011

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    Installation meeting 28th February 2011. The photo shows Junior Warden Ian Pamplin, David Nelson PGM, Commander Mike Nathan and Senior Warden Roly Bisgrove.
  • Installation meeting February 2010

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    Installation meeting 23rd February 2010.
    The Provincial Grand Master attended the Installation meeting of Science Royal Ark Mariners No.128 at Wincanton on the 22nd February when WBro Tony Wilcox installed Brother Kelley as the new Worshipful Commander. The PGM remarked that the exceedingly good ceremony had been enhanced by superb floor work by all the Officers who took part. The PGM also thanked WBro Wilcox for his 2 years as Commander of the Lodge during which the Lodge had gone from strength to strength under his guidance and leadership. There were many visitors from Wiltshire at the meeting who were enjoying the fellowship of the Degree and were contributing to the wonderful atmosphere which prevailed throughout the evening. WBro Ian Strickland was also congratulated for delivering, in a most spectacular fashion, the ancient RAM charge after the Provincial Grand Master had given the Address to the new Commander.
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How the Lodge got its name.
Herbert Leonard Fuller was a surgeon, PGM of Somerset from 1956 to 1967. The Lodge was consecrated at Wincanton on 30th September 1968 by his successor, R.W.Bro Harry Catford. Set up to represent the Degree in the East of the Province, the Lodge has been moored to the Lodge of Science MMM No 128 ever since that date and has been widely supported – particularly from the Mark brethren from the William de Irwin Lodge MMM No 162 in Yeovil.
The Founding brethren were predominantly from the Bath TI Lodge RAM (8) and Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge RAM No 348 (4), although the first Commander (J.W. Bartlet) was from the Edward the Martyr Lodge RAM No 1095 in Shaftsbury, Dorset and with which the Lodge has continued to have a close association.
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