The Monument Lodge meets at the Masonic Hall, Mantle Street, Wellington TA21 8BZ at 18.30 on the third Wednesday of January, March, September (Installation 18.00) and November. The Lodge has 26 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed 18th September 2019

Worshipful Master - Richard Smith
Senior Warden - Ron Troup
Junior Warden - Peter Binding
Master Overseer - Matthew Layzell
Senior Overseer - Geoffrey Ash
Junior Overseer - Peter Stradling
Chaplain - Keith Smith
Treasurer - Les Neville
Registrar of Marks - Alan Baker
Secretary -
Richard Dunn
Director of Ceremonies - Jim Nicol
Almoner - Keith Smith
Charity Steward - Peter Thomas
Senior Deacon - David Hodson Whittle
Junior Deacon - Jan Feersma Hoekstra
Assistant D of C - Richard Gale
Organist - Barry Renwick (Guest)
Assistant Secretary - Vacant
Inner Guard - Simon Gamlin
Stewards - Mike Porter & Terry Dickens
Tyler - Peter Thomas

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1989 Alan Baker Reg
1993 Keith Smith JW
1994 Ronald Troup SW
1996 David Hanks
2001,08&17 Peter Thomas MO
2002 Alan Dummett JO
2003&18 Michael Condick
2004 Graham Sprague JO
2005 Derek Salter SD
2006/7 Roger Tozer JW
2009 Richard Gale JD
2010 Jim Nicol SO
2011 John Gould JO
2012 & 15 Richard Dunn JD
2013 Garfield Taylor JD
2014 Peter Stradling Assit Chap
2016 Les Neville Steward

November 2016 Meeting

Thirty members and visitors attended the meeting of Monument Mark Lodge held on 16th November 2016, including the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro John Morgan and the Provincial Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro Mark Golding. All were present to witness the first ceremony performed by the new Master, W.Bro Les Neville and his team of officers. The principal guest was of course the candidate for Advancement into Mark Masonry, Bro Geoff Ash. Geoff is a past master of Wellington School, Somerset Lodge No 7230 and the Charity Steward of that Lodge.
The Master and his team performed a very good ceremony giving Bro Geoff a great welcome into Mark Masonry.
In the past the Lodge has been a great supporter of the
local Wellington Hospital, that tradition continued this evening with over £160.00 raised for The League of Friends of Wellington Hospital.
In the photo below, left to right are: Peter Thomas - SW, Les Neville - Master, Geoff Ash - Candidate and Richard Gale - JW.
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  • November 2014 - Lodge celebrates 50 years

    Open or Close

    Celebrating 50 years of Mark Masonry in Wellington

    Planning for this particular started over a year ago and the Lodge was pleased and honoured to secure the Provisional Grand Master & the whole of the Provincial Team to their Lodge meeting held on 19th November 2014
    A total of 24 Officers & Brethren and 37 visitors witnessed a very unique occasion. The Brethren of Monument decided to purchase a new cushion for the Volume of the Scared Law and some Alms' purses. The PGM, Provincial Chaplain and dedicated the Cushion for its use in our Ceremonies. It was a moving first experience for many of the assembled brethren.
    An added bonus addition to the meeting was the Explanation of the Tracing Board given, in near faultless style, by the Brethren of the Provincial Team.
    The Lodge Secretary gave a short paper outlining the history of the 50 years of the Lodge. This was well received, with many past and sometimes forgotten aspects of the Lodge highlighted.
    The Festive Board was, what can only be described as, a superb occasion with 61 guests sitting down to a three course meal.
    The Lodge is well founded to move on to the its next fifty years as we now have had two applications for Advancement.
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  • November 2011 - Travelling Keystone

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    Lodge Meeting on Wednesday 16th November 2011.
    The Brethren of Portal Lodge No 155, Frome present the Travelling Keystone to Monument Lodge. Master of Portal - Clive Lambert presents the Travelling Keystone to John Gould Master of Monument Lodge surrounded by members of both Lodges. Monument will take the Keystone on to Exmoor Lodge on 1st December.
    Members of Portal Lodge attending were; Worshipful Master - Clive Lambert, W Bro's David Lyons, Eric Kellet, John Morey & Tony Wilcox together with Brothers Peter Curtain and David Smith.
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  • September 2011 - Installation

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    Installation Night, 21st September 2011.

    The new Master of Monument - W.Bro John Gould with his Senior Warden - Richard Dunn to his right and on his left Junior Warden - Garfield Taylor.

    There were no less than eight active Provincial Officers present to see Jim Nicol install his successor in fine style. They are left to right, Mike Condick - Junior Overseer (and LodgeDC), Richard Gale - Junior Deacon, Ray Johnson- Smith - DC, Peter Penfold - Junior Deacon, Richard Dunn, John Gould, Garfield Taylor, Roger Teale- Junior Warden, representing the R.W. Provincial Grand Master, Brian Watkis - Senior Overseer, Sidney French - Senior Deacon and Barry Renwick - Organist.
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  • September 2010 Installation

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    Installation Night, 15th September 2010.

    The new Master of Monument - W.Bro Jim Nicol with his Senior Warden - John Gould to his right and on his left Junior Warden - Richard Dunn
  • The Lodge Banner

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    The Banner of Monument Mark Lodge No 1295

    The Minutes of the Meeting held at The Masonic Hall Wellington on Thursday 19th September 1968.
    “The Worshipful Master, W.Bro K. C. Bailey, announced the next item of the agenda ‘The Dedication of the Lodge Banner’ and called upon W. Bro G W Grosvenor, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, who arranged the Banner escort who retired and then re-entered the Lodge.
    The Banner being borne by V.W Bro. R Stewart, the first Master of the Lodge, escorted by W. Bro Maynard, the first Senior Warden and W. Bro C. Harris, the first Junior Warden
    V.W Bro. Stewart addressed the Worshipful Master and asked him to accept, the banner on behalf of the lodge, the banner so kindly presented by Worshipful Bro. S. J Price. PPGSW
    The W. M assented, thanked all concerned and requested R W Bro H G B Catford. Provincial Grand Master for Somerset to dedicate the Banner
    The dedication ceremony then proceeded as in the Order of Ceremony with Patriarchal Benediction and address by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, V W Bro W F L Houlden. At the conclusion the W M thanked the dedicating Officer & his team
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