Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Wedmore, BS28 4AB on the first Tuesday of March (Installation) and the first Wednesday in September. There are 67 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Phil Voisey
Frank Silver
Ron Troup
John Massey
Mike Nathan
Ben White
Asst. DC
Asst. Scribe
Bryan Foster
David Lyons
Chris Court
Mark Bajona
Julian Frost
Matt Westley
Barrie Baker
Paul Cullum
David Dixon
Rod Green
Mark Golding
Gary Hughs
Nigel Handbury
Tony Guthrie

Past Commanders of the Lodge

1999 Terry Wood RAMGR
2000 John Massey RAMGR
2002 Trevor Cooper RAMGR
2006 Alan Webber RAMGR
2008 David Platten RAMGR
2009 John Lendon RAMGR
2010 Matt Westley
2012 Bryan Foster RAMGR
2013 Geoff Nash RAMGR
2014 John Morgan RAMGR/PPGM
2015 Trevor Burton RAMGR
2016 Fred Parsons RAMGR
2017 George Small ProvGR
2018 Ian Strickland RAMGR
2019 Mike Nathan ProvGR

Somerset Commanders Lodge News and Events

  • September 2015 Dedication of the new Lodge Banner

    Open or Close
    The September meeting of the Somerset Royal Ark Mariners Commanders Lodge was a very special occasion.

    We were honoured with the presence of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, John Morgan, and his Provincial Team. The
    main purpose of their visit was to dedicate the Commanders Lodge Banner.

    The concept, design and procurement of the Banner was the work of Worshipful Brother Barrie Baker and the furniture to support the Banner was hand made by Worshipful Brother Frank Silver.

    An excellent oration and blessing was given by Worshipful Brother Rev. Stuart Boyd. Following this a superb festive board was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
  • November 2014 - Proposed new Lodge Banner

    Open or Close
    November 2014

    It is proposed that the Lodge should have a new honours board and a new Lodge Banner. Our ever industrious Scribe, W.Bro Barrie Baker has come up with a design. If you are a member of Somerset Commanders Lodge, Barrie would be delighted to hear your comments about his proposal. His email address is in the contacts section at the top of the page.
  • Installation 2011

    Open or Close
    Installation 2011
    Saturday 26th February at 11.00am at the Masonic Hall Burnham on Sea, Commander Matt Westley is anxious to get on with the job and install his successor Tony Snook. However Tony has suddenly been taken ill and he isn't going to be able to be there. Everyone is concerned for our Commander Elect's health but we soon learn that the problem is not too serious and Tony should make a full recovery in a few days. All is well the Commander opens the Lodge completes all other business and closes. The members enjoy their lunch and continue on their way.
    The meeting is re-arranged, by dispensation, for Wednesday 9th March at Nailsea, to coincide with the meeting of Nailsea RAM. This time everything goes to plan and W.Bro Matt Westley installs W.Bro Tony Snook as Commander of the Lodge. Unfortunately as the meeting has been only 11 members are present but most stay on for the Nailsea RAM meeting immediately afterwards and enjoy the festive board afterwards.

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