The Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 348 meets at the Masonic Hall, The Crescent, Taunton TA1 4EB at 18.30 on the second Friday in January, April (Installation) and October. The Lodge has 38 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Friday 12th April 2019

Rod Green
David Palmer
Sydney French
David Bates
Peter Roworth
Barrie Baker
Asst. DC
Mark Bajona
Chris Dyer
Daren Sinclair
Harry Price
George Small
Barry Renwick
Asst. Scribe
Rod Green
Steve McNaughton
BT Horsgood
Bob Nichols

James Brown

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

1989 Terry Wood RAMGR
1994 Peter Knapman RAMGR
2004 Peter Roworth RAMGR
2005 David Bates PrGR
2007 George Small PrGR
2010 John Winston PrGR
2014 Terry Haggett
2015 Jimmy Durant
2016 Nigel Handbury
2017 Kieren Hughes
2018 Gary Hughes
David Hartley RAMGR
Andrew Barrett RAMGR
Chris Court PrGR
Hants & WoW
Barrie Baker RAMGR
Mark Bajona PrGR
DJ Roberts PrGR

Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge News and Events

Installation Night - 13th April 2018 - Hello Sailor!

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In the photo - Keiran Hughes (left), Commander of 348 RAM receives the Travelling Ark from Commander Vernon Harding of William Long RAM.

They say that strange things can happen on Friday the 13th and they most certainly did at Fidelity and Unanimity RAM Lodge at their Installation meeting in April.
The night started as normal, Lodge opened, PGM welcomed, Lodge business attended too.
Then came item 8 on the agenda, the presentation of The Traveling Ark from The William Long Lodge of RAM 191 to Fidelity and Unanimity.
No sooner had The Worshipful Commander WBro Kieran Hughes requested that the DC present the Worshipful Commander of William Long WBro Vernon Harding to him, than WBro Trevor Cooper, Directional Controller, stood up and called for the brethren of William Long to “ Don Headdress”. With that they all reached into their inside pockets and produced suitable “ Ark Mariner “ headwear, much to the amusement of the Lodge. Each Brothers name was on the headdress with a suitable statement, S John Smiths was “I’m only here for the beer “.
So the receiving Worshipful Commander, would not feel out of place a cap was presented to him, then the PGM was handed one with ‘ Admiral of The Fleet ‘ printed on it. A delegation of 13 members attended from 191 with just under 50 at the meeting.
So after the handover, back to the agenda.
WBro Kieran Hughes installed WBro Gary Hughes as our new Worshipful Commander and he in turn appointed his officers. It was a bit of “mark time “ for most officers this year as Bro Rod Green who has been our Scribe for 4yrs moved to Senior Warden to complete his year as a Warden prior to hopefully taking the Chair next year.
At the festive board WBro Vernon, during his response to the visitors toast admitted that it was his idea for the headdress which went down very well and created a very relaxed atmosphere all round. He even told us of the course he had plotted, getting from Burnham to Taunton. Casting off from Burnham into Bridgwater Bay, turning to port up the river Parrot to join the river Tone then sailing into Taunton. He had also correctly spotted that a tributary off the Tone was Sherford Stream which terminates in Vivary Park just behind the Masonic Hall. No one had the heart to tell him that you would be hard pressed to get a canoe up the stream even in a flood, let alone The Ark. Never mind a wonderful piece of nautical navigation. There might be a job in the Hydrographic Department for Vernon if he wants it.
A wonderful night all round, for our new Worshipful Commander and the Lodge, and we thank 191 for their unusual take on The Traveling Ark. We asked how we could top that when we take the Ark to Exmoor RAM Lodge in June, and the answer from The Admiral was, you don’t, it was a one off.
Aye Aye Sir.

Bro Rod Green, SW and Asst Scribe.

  • Fidelity and Unanimity RAM No 348 Celebrates its Centenary.

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    •  The lodge brethren after receiving their jewels

      The lodge brethren after receiving their jewels

    •  The AGM presents the W Commander with the Centenary Warrant

      The AGM presents the W Commander with the Centenary Warrant

    •  The AGM presents WBro Terry Wood with a Centenary Jewel

      The AGM presents WBro Terry Wood with a Centenary Jewel

    •  The AGM presents the PGM with his collarette.

      The AGM presents the PGM with his collarette.

    •  The Festive Board centre piece.

      The Festive Board centre piece.

    Wednesday 14th October 2015 was an important day in the history of this old Lodge. The Taunton Royal Ark Mariner Lodge was consecrated on 20th May 1913 by RWBro Col William Long CB the PGM at that time. It was our present PGM RWBro John G Morgan supported by his Provincial Team who joined us to celebrate its Centenary. Our guest of honour was The Assistant Grand Master RWBro Raymond J Smith accompanied by The Deputy Grand Secretary WBro Ryan Williams and WBro Nicholas Murzell Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies. They had travelled from Grand Lodge to be able to present The Centenary Warrant and commemorative Jewels to the brethren of the Lodge.
    The ceremony in the temple went well with the PGM taking the chair and giving a brief outline of the RAM degree in Somerset and a short history of the Lodge. He then called upon WBro Ian Strickland who gave an excellent oration on "The History and Symbolism of the Porphyry Stone" which was well received by all the Brethren present.
    The chair was then taken by the AGM who proceeded to present the Centenary Warrant after it had been read out by the Deputy Grand Secertary to the Worshipful Commander WBro Jimmy Durant.
    Before handing the chair back to the W Commander he again rose and stated that it was his great pleasure to be able to present to a rather surprised PGM with a "Grand Patron Collarette" on behalf of the Mark Benevolent Fund.
    On resuming the chair the W Commander invited the AGM to present the Centenary Jewels to the members of the Lodge.On conclusion of the ceremony the brethren retired to the supper room to partake in an excellent festive board supplied by our caterers. Just over 80 dined and it is nice to record that every RAM lodge in the province was represented by at least one member.During his speech the W Commander thanked all those present for attending and presented the AGM with a special bottle of 10 year old Somerset Cider Brandy to mark his first visit to the Lodge.
    A truly memorable evening for all concerned, and the Lodge looks forward to its next 100 years full of confidence.

    Report and photos by Rod Green, Scribe 348RAM
  • Installation Night 8th April 2011.

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    John Winston made an excellent job of installing his successor in the Chair, the photo shows Deputy PGM - Ray Guthrie with the new Junior Warden - David Hammacott, Commander - Terry Leach and Senior Warden - Peter Clapperton.
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