Meeting at at the Masonic Hall, The Crescent, Taunton TA1 4EB 18.30 0n the last Tuesday of January, May (third Tuesday) and October (Installation, 17.30). The Lodge has 31 Subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Tuesday 29th October 2019

Worshipful Master - Bob Nicholls
Senior Warden - Gary Hughes
Junior Warden - Sidney French
Master Overseer - Charlie Barker
Senior Overseer - Andrew Barrett
Junior Overseer - Simon Johnson
Chaplain - Colin Neagle
Treasurer - Peter Roworth
Registrar of Marks - Roger Teale
Secretary -
Harry Price
Director of Ceremonies - Jimmy Durant
Almoner - Roger Teale
Charity Steward - Sidney French
Senior Deacon - vacant
Junior Deacon - Kevin Hickman
Assistant D of C - David Roberts
Organist - Barry Renwick
Assistant Secretary - Vacant
Inner Guard - Michael Day
Steward - Roger Warr
Steward - Robert Purdy
Steward - Richard Sealey
Tyler - Mike Salway

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1991 Terry Wood PGSD
1994 David Hartley
1996 & 2002 Roger Teale SW
1998 Peter Roworth
2005 & 2006 Jimmy Durant MO
2008 Sidney French JO
2009 Harry Price SO

2011 & 17 Rod Green JO
2012 David Palmer SD
2013 & 16 Pat Hitchcock JD
2014 & 15 Colin Neagle Stwd
2018 Guy Adams
Andrew Barrett
David Roberts JD

Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge News and Events


January 2020 - PGMs visit and a new Advancee

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro Phil Voisey was present to see the Worshipful Master Bob Nicholls and his team of officers Advance Bro Graham Clarke to the honourable degree of Mark Master Mason. The meeting was well attended and enjoyed by all.
In the photos, left Phil Voisey, Graham Clarke and Bob Nicholls. Right, new Advancee Grahame Clark is congratulated by Master, Bob Nichols.
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  • October 2019 - Installation meeting.

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    The Provincial Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro Graham Jeffery represented the Provincial Grand Master at the Installation of W.Bro Bob Nichols into the Chair of Fidelity and Unanimty Lodge on 29th September. W.Bro Bob was the last Master of Langdale Lodge before the Lodge went into abeyance in 2017. Former members of Langdale have strengthened Lodge 348 and its good to see them taking on senior roles in the Logde. W.Bro Guy Adams, installing Master made an excellent job of the ceremony while the new Master appointed his officers in his usual friendly manner.
    In the photo below Graham Jeffery congratulates the new Master and in the second photo left to right. Gary Hughes - SW, Graham Jeffery, Master Bob Nicholls, Sidney French JW and Installing Master Guy Adams.
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  • October 2015 Installation Meeting

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    Tuesday 27th October 2015, Installation meeting.
    The Master Colin Neagle remains in the chair for his second year. He is on the right of the photo with his son Bro Kevin who was advanced at the last meeting in January and at this meeting W.Bro Dad invested Bro Kevin as Inner Guard !
    Talk about fast track to the top!

    Words & photo Phil Voisey
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  • January 2013 - David Palmer in the Chair

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    348 Principal Officers with the deputy PGM at the meeting on Tuesday 29th January 2013.
    From left to right Colin Neagle - Junior Warden, Deputy PGM John Morgan, Master - David Palmer and Senior Warden Pat Hitchcock.
  • October 2010 Installation Meeting

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    Tuesday 26th October 2010, Installation meeting.
    The photo shows (l to r) Pat Parker - Past DPGM, Rod Green - Senior Warden, Harry Price - Installing Master, Terry Leach - Master, Barry Woodside - Junior Warden, Tony Hick - Past PGM and Geoff Nash - Past DPGM representing the PGM.
  • May 2010 - 125th Birthday Party

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    Tuesday 25th May 2010 - The Lodge Celebrates its 125th Birthday.

    With the help of The Somerset Ancient Mark Masters Team, the Provincial Team, headed on this occasion by Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie and many visitors the brethren of 348 had a very enjoyable 125th birthday party! The photo shows, Master, Harry Price with the Deputy PGM surrounded by his officers and members of the SAMMs Team.
    For more photos see
    full report.

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  • The Lodge Banner

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    The Lodge was consecrated on Tuesday 26th May 1885 at The Masonic Hall, Taunton by R W Bro R C Else, Provincial Grand Master for Somerset. The Master designate was W Bro Col. A W Adair, Past Grand Warden and a Past Master of William Long Lodge Mark Lodge No 191 In the Summons the attention of Brethren was drawn to the fact that “The Great Western and Dorset Railway have kindly arranged to convey Brethren on the 1st and 2nd Class Carriages at the rate of a Fare and a Quarter for the return journey to anyone able to produce a Provincial Grand Lodge Card”.
    In the beginning quite a lot of candidates came from Chard, Wellington and Ilminster as well as Taunton, and in the minutes of the 28
    th April 1903 mention was made in open Lodge to the fact that the Brethren from Chard wished to form their own Lodge and Cerdic Lodge No 571 was Warranted in 1904.
    In 1913 the Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 348 was duly Warranted
    The members of Fidelity and Unanimity No 348 were, amongst others, responsible for the creation of Langdale Lodge No 1615 in 1984, the only other Mark Lodge operating in Taunton.
    Many well known Somerset Masons have been members of the Lodge amongst these it can boast such names as V W Bro Thomas Albert Hughes
    GMO and R W Bro Anthony Walter Samson Hick PPGM, the latter having been appointed Dep. PGM in 1994 and PGM 1997 to 2004.
    In 1947 the first 'triangular' meeting with William Long Lodge and Quantock Lodge was held, a practice which continues to this day.
    A celebration of the first 100 years of the Lodge took place on Tuesday 28
    th May 1985 and a new Banner was made for the occasion and duly consecrated at the ceremony that evening.
    The R W Bro John James Webber M. C. was in attendance in his capacity as Provincial Grand Master. The Master of the Lodge at that time was W Bro Robin Shirley-Smith.
    Although membership numbers are at a low of 26 at the moment, current members of the oldest Mark Lodge in Taunton are determined to keep the Lodge going and look forward with confidence to a bright future.

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