Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Bancks Street, Minehaed TA24 5DJ at 18.30 on the fourth Friday in February and the second Friday in June and November (Installation). The Lodge has 31 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Friday 8th November 2019

Julian Bloys
Trevor Thomas
Clive Dunster
Willy Brown
Garry Holman
John Lendon
Asst. DC
Graham Gamble
John Munson
Alan Dummett
David Veale
Asst. Scribe
Ralph Dinnick
Phil Smith
Derek Williams
Tony Everett

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

1983&02 Alan Webber RAMGR
1986 John Lendon RAMGR
1992 John Organ RAMGR
1993 David Veale RAMGR
1996 Gerry Routley PrGR
1997 Peter Atkins RAMGR
2003 Norman Ackland RAMGR
2004 Julian Bloys PrGR
2005&15 Graham Gamble
2006 Chris Summers PrGR
2007 Willy Brown PrGR
2009 Peter Thomas PrGR
2010 Phil Thresher PrGR
2011 Ray Johnstone-Smith RAMGR
2012 Alan Holton PrGR
2013 Richard Wickham
2014 Ron Hawkins
2016 Andrew Hadley
2017 Paul Cullum

Exmoor Lodge News and Events

October 2019 - Exmoor Ark Mariners help Local Hospital

Exmoor Royal Ark Mariner Lodge Scribe, John Lendon, a brother of many talents, doubles up as a volunteer at Minehead Community Hospital. It came to his notice that the hospital required 'reachers' to help patients with mobility problems. These simple and relatively inexpensive devices are useful to anyone who is unable to bend down to pick things of f the floor. Procurement via normal NHS channels could have taken some time so our intrepid brother set off to the local shop, 'Independent Living' with a donation from Exmoor Royal Ark Mariners. Ten NRS Combi-Reachers were purchased and subsequently presented that day to the hospital.

Sometimes its those simple things in life that mean a lot.

The photo shows left to right John Lendon, Hazel Little - Minehead Community Hospital and Garrry Holman - Treasurer of Exmoor Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners.
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  • Installation meeting November 2014

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    Installation Night
    14th November 2014

    WBro Ron Hawkins was installed as Worshipful Commander of the Exmoor Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners on Friday 14th November 2014. The Installing Master, WBro Richard (Dick) Wickham Installed WBro Ron in his usual unique manner, sincere and meaningful. Richard had a very productive year with Candidates at every meeting and a very well attended Sunday Lunch where he presented a cheque for £250 to the West Somerset Stroke Club. Following a short talk by Mrs Hillary May MBE, RWBro John Morgan our PGM also presented Mrs May with a similar amount.
    Our new WCdr appointed the Officers of the Lodge in his usual efficient manner and informed the Brethren at the Festive Board that in view of the fact that the Installation meeting was being held on the same day as the BBC Children in need day he would be supporting local children’s charities with whatever was raised during his year. The Evening ended with the usual toast to be concluded with WBro Rod Greens response to the visitors where he demonstrated his knowledge of classical music (or not). The ceremony was accompanied by a selection of Classical music played by the internationally famous IPod orchestra.
    In the photo from left to right: WBro Ray Johnston-Smith Prov DC. WBro Graham Gamble SW (re-cycled), RWBro John Morgan PGM, WBro Ron Hawkins WCD and Bro Andrew Hadley JW.
  • Installation meeting November 2011

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    Installation Night 11th November 2011

    At the meeting on Friday 11th November Brother Raymond Johnstone-Smith Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies was Installed in the chair as Worshipful Commander by Philip Threasher in the presence of the Provincial Grand Master - David Nelson. The Provincial Grand Master was accompanied by the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Graham Gamble.
    Numbers were swelled by brethren from Herbert Fuller Lodge who delivered the Travelling Ark and a good time was enjoyed by all who attended.

    In the photo, PGM David Nelson, new Commander Ray Johnson Smith and Installing Commander Phil Thresher.
  • Installation meeting November 2010

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    Installation Night 12th November 2010
    It was a miserable night for travelling but well worth the effort to represent the PGM at Exmoor RAM Installation.
    Peter Thomas installed the new Commander Philip Threasher in the Chair who then went on to appoint his officers in his usual friendly way.

    One of the highlights was an excellent rendition of the RAM Tracing Board given by W.Bro. John Organ, David Veale, Willy Brown and Norman Atkinson. It was very well presented and is one of the best explanations I have seen - four brethren only was the right number for this and they are to be congratulated on the very fine manner in which this was done, it kept everyone attention.
    As there was no organist Barrie Baker produced music for us through one of his electronic gadgets. As always a very happy atmosphere at Minehead.A most pleasant and enjoyable evening.

    In the photo (ltor) Geoff Nash - Past DPGM, Alan Holton J.W. New Commander - Phil lThreasher, S.W. - Ray Johnstone-Smith and Installing Commander Peter Thomas.
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