Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Bancks Street, Minehead TA24 5DJ. at 18.30 0n the first Thursday of March, May (2nd Thursday,Installation 18.00), October and December. The Lodge has 44 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Thursday 9th May 2019

Worshipful Master - Keith Norman
Senior Warden - Tony Everett
Junior Warden - Malcolm Pedley
Master Overseer - Garry Holman
Senior Overseer - Mike Caswell
Junior Overseer - Paul Cullum
Chaplain - Willy Brown
Treasurer - Clive Dunster
Registrar of Marks - Norman Ackland
Secretary - John Lendon
Director of Ceremonies - Graham Gamble
Almoner - Peter Lock
Charity Steward - Andrew Hadley
Senior Deacon - John Munson
Junior Deacon - Alex Moran
Assistant D of C - Alan Holton
Organist - Vacant
Assistant Secretary - Derek Lewison
Inner Guard - Mike Lawrie
Stewards - Derek Williams, Keith Lloyd, Andy Baird, CP Leigh-Brown, ST Greenway
Tyler - M Pearce

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1979 John Lendon PGJO
1984 Alan Webber PGJD
1990 David Veale SW
1996 Peter Atkins
1998 Brian Hurford JO
2001&17 Chris Summers
2002 Norman Ackland SW
2003 Jullian Bloys SD
2004&09 Philip Threasher JW
2005&11 Graham Gamble
2006 Ron Hawkins SW
2007 Willy Brown MO
2012 Derek Lewison JD
2013 Paul Cullum Dep Sec
Richard Wickham Dep Chap
2015 John Hickman Stwd
2016 Clive Dunster Asst Chap
2018 Andrew Hadley

Exmoor Lodge News and Events


March 2020 - A new Mark Master Mason and a message to a not so new one!

The Exmoor/Fortescue Travelling Keystone has been well documented in other items of this page of the web site. Suffice it to say in autumn every year the members of Exmoor visit South Molton to collect the Keystone, the following spring Fortescue members come to Minehead to retrieve it. It has strengthened the bond between the two Mark Lodges and raised money for charity in the process. On this occasion the getting together of the two Mark Lodges had another significance. The 'father' of Exmoor Mark Lodge and it's secretary V.W.Bro John Lendon was absent, he has had a tough time with health issues that have caused him to be hospitalised twice. In the photo below the message to John is clear, get well soon and return to the Lodge!
The Deputy PGM, Tony Guthrie was present this evening to see the Worshipful Master, Keith Norman and his team of officers advance Brother Lee Dawson to the honourable degree of Mark Master Mason. Without naming everyone in the photo, the Deputy PGM Tony Guthrie is immediately to the left of the Master, Keith Norman. Behind the Deputy is Past Deputy, Geoff Nash and the candidate this evening Brother Lee Dawson is holding the second 'O' in soon. Also to the left of the Deputy PGM, holding up the Keystone is W.Bro Bill Wilson, the current Master of Fortescue Lodge of MMM.
It was a very enjoyable evening and a heartfelt message!
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  • Installation meeting 11th May 2017

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    Deputy PGM Phil Voisey was in attendance to see Clive Duster install his successor Chris Summers in the Chair of the Lodge in a first class ceremony. Chris was in the chair of the Lodge in 2001, his return after a sixteen year gap was welcomed by all the brethren. Before the installation ceremony W.Bro Clive thanked W.Bro David Veale who was standing down from his position as Lodge Almoner this evening after twenty years of distinguished and valued service to the Lodge, he then presented David with a gift from the Lodge. David thanked the Master and the brethren and commented that he had enjoyed his job very much over the past twenty years. He handed over the Almoners collar to Bro Peter Lock who said he had a very hard act to follow.
    It was good to see that all the brethren who are in the progressive offices are Mark Master Masons, it bodes well for the future. After the Master had appointed and invested his new team the members voted on a proposition to give £480 to Minehead hospital specifically for the purpose on buying a urine testing machine. The new machine will provide results of tests almost immediately and will be much appreciated by patients and staff at the hospital.
    In the photo below left to right - Robin Back - Provincial ADC, Keith Norman - JW, Phil Voisey - Deputy PGM, Chris Summers - Master, Andrew Hadley - SW and Barrie Baker Provincial Senior Warden.
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    Worshipful Master Clive Dunster thanks retiring Lodge Almoner David Veal for his twenty years service in that role
    New Master Chris Summers thanks V.W.Bro John Lendon the Lodge secretary
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  • March 2017 The Exmoor/Fortescue Mark Lodges Travelling Keystone success story.

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    The introduction of the Keystone ten years ago was the brainchild of good friends V.W.Bro John Lendon and W.Bro John Organ, who were then secretaries of the Exmoor Mark Lodge No 697 (Somerset) and Fortescue Mark Lodge No 9 (Devon). John Lendon is a great Minehead stalwart, John Organ’s Masonic roots were at South Molton in Devon, he is however, a joining member of Exmoor Craft Lodge and was elevated into the Exmoor Royal Ark Mariner Lodge at Minehead.

    Both were well aware of the popularity of visits to other Mark Lodges in their respective Provinces but that ‘cross border’ visiting was rather infrequent. Graham Gamble, then Master of Fortescue at the time as well as Lodges in Minehead was also enthusiastic about encouraging more visiting between Somerset and Devon. The idea of a travelling keystone to forge stronger links was mooted and supported by the brethren of the Lodges and the Provincial Grand Masters of Devon and Somerset.

    A suitable keystone was made by W.Bro Andrew Petherick, current DC of Fortescue, it was fashioned from a piece of oak, taken from an old beam in Andrew’s house. The house was built in 1683 so the timber used could well be 350 years old!

    In autumn every year the members of Exmoor visit South Molton to collect the Keystone, the following spring Fortiscue members come to Minehead to retrieve it.

    To celebrate ten successful years of joint visits the Provincial Grand Master of Devon, R.W.Bro Peter Balsam and the Provincial Grand Master of Somerset John Morgan were present at the meeting of Exmoor Lodge on 2nd March 2017 to witness Fortescue Lodge once again retrieve the keystone. Both expressed their great pleasure at the success of the venture and hoped that the visits would continue for many years to come.

    In ten years the two Lodges have raised over £4000 for charitable causes as a direct result of these biannual Travelling Keystone cross border visits.
    •  Master of Fortescue, Ian Puttock and Clive Dunster Master of Exmoor Lodge MMM

      Master of Fortescue, Ian Puttock and Clive Dunster Master of Exmoor Lodge MMM

    •  Members of Fortescue No 9 and Exmoor Lodge No 697

      Members of Fortescue No 9 and Exmoor Lodge No 697

    •  John Lendon, Peter Balsom, Ian Puttock, Graham Gamble, Clive Dunster and John Morgan.

      John Lendon, Peter Balsom, Ian Puttock, Graham Gamble, Clive Dunster and John Morgan.

  • Enter Title HereMay 2010 Installation meeting

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    Installation meeting 13th May 2010.

    The Deputy Provincial Grand Master Ray Guthrie was present to witness W.Bro Philip Threasher install Chris Moore as his successor in the Chair of Exmoor Lodge.
    It was as always at Exmoor a very friendly and harmonius meeting, over fifty members and guests enjoyed the installation and the festive board afterwards.

    The photo shows, Graham Gamble - Senior Warden, Master - Chris Moore and Junior Warden Derek Lewison.

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    Chaplain Stands down after 22 years service.

    W.Bro Peter Webber has been the Chaplain of Exmoor Mark Lodge since 1988! The new Master of Exmoor, Chris Moore thanked Peter for his work over that time and presented him with a pair of Mark cuff links as a small token of appreciation from all the brethren of the Lodge. Peter responded by saying that his 22 years as Chaplain had been a wonderful time, he had enjoyed every minute. However as he travelled from Yeovil and 'wasn't getting any younger' he felt the time had come for him to relinquish the office. He promised the Master and brethren he would still get to Lodge as often as possible.

    The photo shows the Master, Chris Moore thanking W.Bro Peter Webber.
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