Meeting at the Masonic Hall, North Parade, Frome BA11 1AU at 19.00 on the third Wednesday in February, and September (Installation) and the second Wednesday in June. The Lodge has 29 subscribing members

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Wednesday 18th September 2019

Bill Whitehead
Robert O’Malley-White
Tony Wilcox
Alan Welch
John Smith
Roger Evans
Asst. DC
Graham Jeffery
Trevor Burton
Neil Arthur
Richard Dredge
David Lyons
Matt Westley (Guest)
Asst. Scribe
Roger Reina
Gerry Chilcott
T. Baker
Bob Cole

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

2006 Trevor Burton RAMGR
2008 Terry Wadman RAMGR
2009 Chris Robbins PrGR
Graham Jeffrey PrGR
2011 John Nicholson RAMGR
2012-13 Eric Kellett
2014 David Lyons PrGR
2015 Clive Lambert
2016 Tony Guthrie RAMGR/DPGM
2017 Ray Conneely
2018 Alex Carter

Bob Cole RAMGR
Alan Welch PrGR
David Carpenter RAMGR
Tony Wilcox PrGR
John Smith RAMGR
Bill Whitehead

Portal RAM Lodge News and Events

September 2018 Installation night

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The great cameraderie that Royal Ark Mariners share was much in evidence this evening! Ray Conneely made an excellent job of installing his successor Alex Carter as Commander of the Lodge. Deputy PGM Phil Voisey was in attendance accompanied by Steve McNaughton Provincial ADC. The new Commander installed his officers in his usual personal and competent manner. The meeting was followed by a meal where the usual Masonic toasts were observed, together with a lot of chat and laughter, it was a very pleasant evening.
In the photo are (back row) Steve McNaughton, Phil Voisey, Alex Carter (seated), Robert O'Malley White (Junior Warden) Ray Conneely and Roger Evans (Secretary). In front Richard Dredge (Guardian) Matt Wesley (Organist) and Graham Jeffery DC.
  • September 2016 Installation night

    Open or Close
    It was a well attend meeting of Portal Ram on the 21st September when Clive Lambert made an excellent job of installing his successor Tony Guthrie into the Chair of the Lodge. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master Phil Voisey was present along with his acting DC for the evening Derek Wilton.
    In the photo from left to right, Derek Wilton, Ray Conneely SW, Tony Guthrie Commander, Alex Carter JW and Phil Voisey.
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  • February 2016 - A Candidate and two PGMs!

    Open or Close
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    February 17th 2016 - The Commander W.Bro Clive Lambert and his team elevated Richard Conneely into the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners in fine style. John Morgan, Provincial Grand Master for Somerset and Martin Brown, the Provincial Grand Master for Wiltshire were both present to welcome Richard into the order.
    The Lodge opened at 7.00pm and closed at 8.15, 1 hour 15 minutes! Why can’t all Masonic meetings be like this!

    In the photo. Tony Guthrie - Senior Warden, John Morgan - PGM, Clive Lambert - Commander, Martin Brown - PGM for Wiltshire, Ray Conneely - Junior Warden and his brother Richard Conneely - new Ark Mariner. (you can tell by the “olive branch” in his top pocket)
  • June 2011 Lodge of Improvement visit.

    Open or Close
    8th June 2011.
    The Provincial Lodge of Improvement visits Portal. Derek Wilton the preceptor of the Provincial LofI led a team of brethren who presented the Royal Ark Mariner Tracing Board in their usual exemplary fashion.
    The photo shows the Commander Graham Jeffery together with his Wardens, John Nicholson and Eric Kellet and visiting members of the team.
  • September 2011 Installation Meeting

    Open or Close
    Installation night Wednesday 21st September 2011
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  • February 2011 Travelling Ark arrives from Clevedon

    Open or Close
    Wednesday 16th February - Thackeray RAM Lodge No 730 deliver the Travelling Ark to Portal RAM Lodge No 155 at Frome. This coincided with a visit by the Provincial Grand Master and his officers. It was a very enjoyable evening.
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