Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Albert Road, Clevedon BS21 7RN. 18.45 0n the first Thursday in June and October (Installation 18.30) February and April when the Lodge meets on the second Thursday. The Lodge has 25 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Thursday 3rd October 2019

Worshipful Master - Philip Voisey
Senior Warden - Michael Price
Junior Warden - Gavin Waller
Master Overseer - Sandy Sandford
Senior Overseer - David Mason
Junior Overseer - Dennis Golding
Chaplain - Gordon Comley
Treasurer - David Colston
Registrar of Marks - Peter Donoghue
Secretary -
Clive Matthews
Director of Ceremonies - Peter Harris
Almoner - Peter Harris
Charity Steward - Matt Westley
Senior Deacon -
Junior Deacon - Harry Jordan
Assistant D of C - Mark Golding
Organist - Matt Westley
Assistant Secretary - Matt Westley
Inner Guard -
Stewards -
Tyler -

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1983 & 1992 Roy Williams SW
1985 Richard Farmer
1988, 98, 17&18 Jim Fletcher SW
1993 Matt Westley
1997 Phil Lloyd StdB
1999 Gordon Comley JO
2000 Clive Mathews SW
2001 Reg Brown IofW
2003 Phil Voisey
2005 Philip du Kamp SO
2007 Mark Golding
2010 Peter Harris JW
2011 'Sandy' Sandford SW
2013 Dennis Golding SwdBr
2014 Harry Jordan Std Br
2015&16 David Mason JD

Eldon Lodge News and Events

  • February 2012 - Lecture of MMM Degree

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    February 2nd 2012 - The lecture on the degree of Mark Master Mason was presented in an excellent manner by Phil Voisey, Richard Farmer, who is now fully recovered from his recent illness, Matt Westley and Peter Harris. The photo shows the current team at Eldon Lodge. From left to right - Junior Warden Philip DuCamp, Master Sandy Sandford and Senior Warden Chris Haliburton.
  • October 2010 Installation meeting

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    Installation meeting 7th October 2010

    It was a wonderful evening at the Eldon Lodge Installation, The Deputy PGM, Ray Guthrie was in attendance to witness the outgoing Master Peter Purchase install his successor with great dignity. The new Master Peter Harris took over well and invested his officers. W.Bro Jim Fletcher was elected an honorary member of the Lodge in recognition of the tremendous service that he has given too the Lodge over many years. The meeting was followed by the usual excellent Festive Board where good Mark Fellowship was enjoyed.

    In the photo left to right, Sandy Sandford SW, new Master Peter Harris and Junior Warden Chris Haliburton.

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