Meeting at the Masonic Hall, King Square, Bridgwater, TA6 3DH at 18.30 0n the first Wednesday, February, March (Installation), October and November. The Lodge has 39 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Wednesday 6th March 2019

Worshipful Master - David Gibbs
Senior Warden - Richard Winter
Junior Warden - David Preece
Master Overseer - James Brown
Senior Overseer - Peter Wall
Junior Overseer - Denis Huxley
Chaplain - Brian Eastland
Treasurer - David Round
Registrar of Marks - Graham Lock
Secretary -
David Smith
Director of Ceremonies - Gary Boon
Almoner - Chris Dyer
Charity Steward - Stewart Morgan
Senior Deacon - Rod Mudge
Junior Deacon - Andrew Wood
Assistant D of C - Leslie Blake
Organist - David Attwater
Assistant Secretary - Terry Thomas
Inner Guard - Tony Saunter
Stewards - Ben Potts
Tyler - Norman Hucker

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1983 John Hunt SW
1997 Robert Webb SO
1999 Grahame Lock
2000 Rex Roe JO
2003 John Griffin MO
2004 Ray Johnstone-Smith
2006 Dennis Huxley JO
2007 Roger Hutchings
2008 Mike Williams MO
2009 Mike Needs JD
2010 Brian Eastland JO
2011 David Attwater SO
2013 Stuart Morgan JD
2016 Jim Mundell JD
2017 Norman Hucker StdBr
2018 David Smith ADC
2019 Mike Holman
Gary Boon StBr (CI)
Leslie Blake

April 2020 - New banner to celebrate Lodge Centenary approved by Grand Lodge

As part of the centenary celebrations of Quantock Lodge of MMM in February 2021, the brethren have decided to purchase a new banner for the Lodge. The preliminary design is show on the right, it looks pretty impressive!
Approval has now been received from the PGM and GLMM for the design. The final design is shown in the photo on the right.
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  • Open or Close
  • March 2020 - Installation meeting

    Open or Close
    The Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro Phil Voisey was present to see W.Bro Mike Holman install his successor W.Bro David Gibbs into the chair of Quantock in fine style. With 2 candidates and 2 joining members it looks like a busy year ahead for David and his officers!

    Pictured - newly installed Master David Gibbs and the IPM Mike Holman following the installation meeting 4th March at Bridgwater.
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  • October 2018 - Quantock welcome new advancee and joining member

    Open or Close
    At the first meeting since his Installation as Master of the Lodge in March this year, W.Bro David Smith and his team of officers performed a wonderful advancement ceremony welcoming Bro Rod Mudge into the Lodge. All the officers had taken time to learn there parts and the result was a ceremony which must have impressed the candidate. Things did go slightly awry when the Junior Warden, David Gibbs and Senior Deacon James Brown wrestled with the axe when the candidate was challenged by the Senior Warden Mike Holman. This resulted in Mike being showered with candle wax as a reward for his diligence!
    The Master also welcomed a new joining member into the Lodge, W.Bro Gary Boon who has moved from the Chanel Islands to Somerset. It was a wonderful Mark evening followed by the usual very friendly chat over the festive board.
    In the photo left to right are, David Gibbs - Senior Warden, Master - David Smith, Advancee - Rod Mudge and Senior Warden - Mike Holman.
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  • March 2012 Installation

    Open or Close
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    Installation 7th March 2012

    There were over 60 Mark Master Masons present at Bridgwater MH for the annual Installation of Quantock Mark Lodge. After a very successful year in the Chair when he represented his Lodge throughout the Province, evinced by the number of brethren present, W.Bro David Attwater made an excellent job of installing his successor Trevor Thomas. The Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie, congratulated and thanked David for all his hard work during his year in the Chair.
    W.Bro Tony Chapman continues his excellent work as secretary of the Lodge for his 23rd year! He is currently the second longest serving secretary on the Province.
    Pictured right to left on Installation evening, Senior Warden - Stuart Morgan (lets hope his apron lasts the twelve months!) new Master Trevor Thomas and Junior Warden - Robin Back.
  • March 2011 Installation

    Open or Close
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    Installation 2nd March 2011,

    W.Bro Brian Eastland Installs his successor David Atwater. W.Bro Tony Wilcox the Provincial Senior Warden represented the Provincial Grand Master.
  • March 2010 Installation

    Open or Close
    Installation 3rd March 2010
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    The PGM David Nelson with new Master Brain Eastland and Installing Master Mike Needs.

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    Charity Steward David Smith presents a cheque to the PGM for £749 for his appeal.

    Rhyme and Quantock!

    The ever increasing popularity of the Mark Degree was very much in evidence at Quantock Lodge, 749’s March meeting. When over 60 brethren, including our Provincial Grand Master, David Nelson, packed the Lodge Room for the Installation of Master Elect Brian Eastland happily Installed by outgoing Master Mike Needs after his very successful year in the chair. The Ceremony continued smoothly accompanied by the music of Matt Westley on the organ.
    During the meeting, David Smith, Lodge Charity Steward, presented RW Bro. David with a cheque for £749 towards the PGM’s charity, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, an ingenious match to the Lodge number!
    The happy atmosphere continued into the Festive Board, the peak of which was John Griffin’s toast to the visitors presented in rhyme. John even managed to bring the name of the responder into the ending, much to the surprise of Steve Defries!
    For your amusement and appreciation, John’s words follow:
    “This is our Installation meet, and visitors are many,
    the quality of each guest here, who carries the token penny.
    For I have stood to welcome you, on Keystone Chisel and Mallet,
    sharing with you our Ceremony, friendship and food; you’ve had it!
    Mark Master Masons are all here, contemplate the Keystone,
    and all too soon we will depart, each brother to his home.
    But, what remains will ever stand, memories they can’t destroy,
    this perfect fraternal structure, each individual’s joy.
    So visit us again please do, your toast will never cease,
    and who better to respond to this? Than Worshipful Brother Steve Defries!
    Brothers of Quantock Lodge please stand, and raise your glasses high.
    A health to every visitor, before we say goodbye”!

    A happy ending to a very pleasant evening - Pat Morrisey.

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