The General Purposes Committee, what's that?

You will have seen the item on the agenda of the Annual Provincial Mark Meeting at the Webbington and you may have heard the Provincial Grand Master announce the four members who are to be elected to the board but I suspect that only a handful will have any idea what it is all about.
For years now we have been electing its members but it has been largely ineffectual until quite recently when our Provincial Grand Master, David Nelson decided that it should have some real and effective purpose.
Since then its four elected members have been spreading the word around the province as to the purpose of the committee . This article will, it is hoped, further their efforts.
The purpose of the board is to provide a conduit between every member of a Mark or Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in our province and the Provincial Grand Master. This conduit can be used to answer individual concerns or to put forward suggestions that may be of benefit to our province. The committee members collect these ideas and concerns and discuss them with the PGM at face to face meetings, the committee undertakes to preserve the anonymity of the brother who raises the item, if requested to do so. Having such a method of presenting ideas ensures that the PGM acknowledges the existence of such presents and is encouraged to provide a response. The very fact that the PGM has instigated this forum for full and frank discussion, speaks volumes of his intention to engage with the membership and I can vouch that it has already proved beneficial to our province.
The members of the board have provided their contact details for you which are appended to this article and I would encourage you to put your ideas to either of them and you can thereby be assured that your observations will reach the ear of the Provincial Grand Master to the best effect.
Cliff Hannabuss
Chairman, General Purposes Committee

The members of the Committee are:
Graham Gamble, Minehead.
John Smith, Glastonbury.
Cliff Hannabuss, Nailsea.
Bob Cole, Clevedon.
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