Brethren at the Annual meeting on 2nd May 2015 I outlined the project that I would like us to embark on, this being the charity “Hope for Tomorrow”.

Hope for Tomorrow’s vision is to bring cancer treatment closer to the patient. In 2007 they launched their first Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU), and In a unique partnership the charity owns and maintains the vehicles which are operated by the local NHS Foundation Trusts or major Oncology Centre. Somerset has one of these MCU’s. The charity also provides Nurse Support Vehicles and they are seeking funding to provide a new Nurse Support Vehicle for the Somerset Mobile Chemotherapy Unit so that chemotherapy nursing staff along with the chemotherapy drugs can continue to be transported to the sites the MCU visits.
Their current vehicle needs replacing; and they prefer to use a vehicle under warranty in order to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

With your help brethren I would very much like our Somerset Mark Province to help them obtain a new vehicle and to this end I am launching this project in the hope that we can raise at least £15.000 within the next 12 to 14 months.

I sincerely hope that you will support this venture and any contributions from Lodges or individual brethren would be gratefully received. Cheques should be made payable to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset MMM.
(On the back of the cheque please write Hope for Tomorrow)

John G Morgan
Provincial Grand Master
May 2015

May 2016 PGM hands over new vehicle after receiving magnificent support for his appeal from the brethren of the Province.

Founded in 2003, the charity ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ aims to alleviate some of the stresses & strains for patients receiving treatment for Cancer by attending Mobile Chemotherapy Units, (MCU’s).
The first MCU was launched by the Charity in 2007 in partnership with the National Health Service. Each Unit including one Nurses Support Vehicle, (NSV) costing in excess of £260,000 & staffed by highly trained NHS staff, allows patients to receive their treatment in a restful & friendly atmosphere closer to their home saving long stressful journeys & shorter waiting times.
John Morgan, Provincial Grand Master for Somerset Mark Master Masons, chose for his 2015/2016 charity to supply a replacement NSV for the Somerset M.C.Unit, whose name is ‘Big Bumble’! It was hoped that £15,000 might be realised from very many charity events held across the length & breadth of the Province.
Happily, by the 12th April 2016 - £17,548 had been raised exceeding the original target of £15,000. Congratulations brethren of the Mark Province of Somerset.
On Monday 25th April 2016, The Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by his Deputy Philip Voisey & nine members of his Provincial Team, travelled to Musgrove Hospital in Taunton where the Somerset MCU is based. There they were delighted to meet their suitably marked Kia NSV called ‘Little Bumble’, for the first time & to join the unit staff & Community Fundraisers.
The Provincial Team were next invited to view the very comfortable interior of the MCU. After a short explanation about the various items of equipment within the unit & a few happily answered questions about ever improving the facility, John Morgan was pleased to announce, to the delight of the nursing & Fund Raising staff, that further funds for Big Bumble would be forthcoming in the near future.
A happy end to a very successful Charity venture.
Copy/pics…Pat Morrisey.

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