600 Club Booking Form for 2021/22 Season

  • In the last thirteen years over £50,000 has been raised for the Provincial Benevolent Fund. Half of that amount goes to help Mark Masons and their families in time of need, the other half is distributed to brethren and members of their family in prizes, it's a win win situation!
  • The Provincial Mark 600 Club gives you and your family the opportunity to win while supporting the Mark Provincial Benevolent Fund. Each month from September to June, prizes totalling 50% of the total collected (£350 per month in 2020/21) will be distributed to Mark Masons or their wives & families. Every share number is entered into every monthly draw, therefore each £10 share has 40 chances of winning. You can buy as many or as few £10 shares as you wish, you can also buy shares for family members.
  • Not only are you getting a chance to win but at the same time you are helping the Provincial Mark Benevolent Fund to provide relief to Mark Masons in need.
  • The monthly draw of numbers will take place at various Lodge meetings throughout the Province during the year.
  • A copy of the completed form will be sent to you together with details of how to make payment. Your shares are not valid until payment has been received.

I would also like to buy shares for the following members of my family.

Please enter the total number of shares required.

You will be required to pay £10 each for the total number of shares.
Full details of how to pay will be included with your email acknowledgement.
Please ignore an error message that may appear below, your request has been sent.


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