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The Provincial Almoner

Being the Provincial Almoner has engendered a variety of feelings and emotions. There has been great satisfaction when we have been able to help a Brother or his family.

I say we, because so often it is not just one person. On many occasions I have been able to call on the welcome assistance of National Officers, Provincial Officers, Brethren and the representatives of outside agencies. In my experience they have always been very willing and generous with their input and time.

There has been sadness. Talking to the bereaved and attending funerals has sometimes been difficult.

The strengthening of old friendships and the making of new ones has been a great pleasure, as has the very warm welcome that I have received whenever visiting Lodges.

Visiting Lodges has often been as part of a Provincial Team Visit. These visits have been very enjoyable and it is always interesting to see how different lodges do things. They have also brought me one other responsibility. Someone has had to make sure that John Nicholson is awake at the right time during proceedings!

Overall my time as Provincial Almoner has been very enjoyable and I am very grateful to R.W. Bro. John Morgan who appointed me to the Office.

I can only say a general thank you to so many of you who have helped me to do the job. A list would be a very long one. I must however mention my Wife Sue. She has always supported my Masonic activities and without her I would not have been able to carry out my duties.


David and Sue in their garden at Chilcompton.

I am sure that you will continue to help and support Bob O’Malley White as he now becomes the Provincial Almoner. Such a shame that the new Provincial Team will not yet be honoured at a Provincial Meeting. Bob received his Collar Jewell in a box on my front doorstep!

These are strange and difficult times but do keep safe and well.

David Lyons. 3rd May 2020.

As David mentions above the new Almoner is W.Bro Bob O'Malley-White, you can contact him
via email

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