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The Provincial Charity Steward


Thank you for the last five years during which I have been honoured to hold the Office of Provincial Charity Steward as well as for the previous six years since we started the Provincial 600 Club.

As is the way of things the PGM has appointed a worthy successor; I have great confidence in handing over to W. Bro. Val Cooke who will bring his own ideas and enthusiasm to the Office. If Val gets half of the support that you have given me, he will be as overwhelmed as I have been.

The past five years have had many highs; Fran and I meeting the Grand Master at the Inns of Court, the National presentation of the Blood Bikes, the Provincial Presentation of the Support Vehicle to St John’s Ambulance and the fellowship of every Mark Provincial Team of which I have been part amongst others. But Brethren, the most memorable part of carrying out the duties my Office was the friendship, support and generosity of all my Mark Brothers throughout Somerset.

I have enjoyed every single one of my visits around the Province and your company at those visits; the friendship and happiness of the Mark Degree is second to none and I consider myself fortunate to be a member.

All of this is would not have been possible without the support and help of Fran, I can’t thank her enough.

John and Fran Nicholson

However, things must come to an end, although I still hope to remain well enough to continue a significant amount of my Mark activities. With sincere apologies to anyone I might miss I could not sign off without recording my thanks to Eric Kellet and Chris Beckett who have provided untiring support as Provincial Charity Representatives. Also to David Lyons who, as well as being Provincial Almoner, has shared a great many of the adventures of the past five years; to Peter Elmont who, as Provincial Treasurer, has never given up on his attempts to make sure your money raised by the 600 Club is administered correctly. Finally Brethren, to all of you; without you I would not have had such a marvellous time.

Thank you

John Nicholson.

As John has mentioned above he hands over to W.Bro Val Cooke - you can contact Val
by email

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