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The Old Black Shoes

The old black shoes are looking glum
As I pass the lobby door,
“What’s wrong with you?” they seem to say,
“we’re going out no more".

We’ve taken not a single step,
Not third or even first,
And ne’er a sign we’ve seen you give,
Has Masonry been cursed?”

“It has”, I said, “by virus vile,
We have to stay at home.
Until such time the plague has passed,
Then once more we can roam.

The Masons’ Halls are empty,
Regalia put away,
Gavels now stay silent,
DC’s hold no sway.

Volumes of the Sacred Law,
On pedestals redundant,
Now Brother Jim contacts his friends,
By social posts abundant.

No handshake, word or secret sign,
No friendly Festive Board,
No Tyler’s song to say Goodnight,
No organ’s well-loved chord.

“Black shoes,” I said, “do not despair,
Our Chain is firm and strong,
Our flag of love remains unfurled,
We’ll sing again our song.

And though some Brethren may have passed,
To a Grander Lodge Above,
We’ll look upon their memories
With everlasting Love;

And in their name, we’ll offer help,
And soothe the burdened heart;
We’ll comfort those who are distressed,
Thus Masons play their part.

And when this crisis is resolved,
We’ll sing the old refrain,
Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part,
Happy to meet again.”

This poem has been widely shared on social media, as web site editor I am not aware of the identity of the author, if anyone can enlighten me I would be please to credit the author.
Ray Guthrie, web site editor
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