Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Church Street Wedmore BS24 4AB. At 11.00am on the second Wednesday of May (installation), June and September. The Lodge has 27 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Wednesday 10th May 2017

Worshipful Master - Tony Edwards
Senior Warden - Robert O’Malley-White
Junior Warden - John Nicholson
Master Overseer - Cliff Hannabuss
Senior Overseer - Alan Doyle
Junior Overseer - Mike Platts
Chaplain - Barry Burridge
Treasurer -
Eric Kellett
Registrar of Marks - vacant
Secretary -
Mike Waterman
Director of Ceremonies - Richard Farmer
Almoner - John Peters
Charity Steward - Mike Waterman
Senior Deacon - Ian Macdonald
Junior Deacon - vacant
Assistant D of C - Tony Heliker
Organist - Vacant
Assistant Secretary - vacant
Inner Guard - David Burrows
Stewards - Vacant
Tyler - Eric Kellett

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

2010 John Peters PAGDC
2012 Barry Burridge SW
2013 Cliff Hannabuss
2015 Richard Stone PGJD
2016 Mike Fazackerley SD
S John Smith – PAGDC
Derek Wilton PDepGSwdB
Mike Waterman PAGStdB
Richard Farmer PGJD
Eric Kellett
Gerry Chilcott
Pat Morrisey
Tony Helliker SW
Stephen Hawkins Chap (Bristol)
Robert O’Malley White Reg
John A Nicholson
Tony Edwards IOW
Simon Eden
Ian Macdonald JD
David Burrows PGJD
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The idea for a daylight Mark Lodge came originally from Brothers John Peters and Richard Farmer who will be the first Master and founding DC of the Lodge. As with all ideas it does take some time and effort to put them into practice. The selection of the Lodge name and the venue for its meetings are important.
Wedmore is an old market town with a long history, it was here in the 9th century that Alfred signed his peace accord with the Danish King, Guthrum. The Lodge logo shows Alfred holding up his "reverse" sword as a symbolic gesture of peace. The idea for the design comes Alfred's statue at Winchester, every Mark Lodge should be a peaceful haven, the Isle of Wedmore will share that peace and go on to be a great success.

Isle of Wedmore Lodge News and Events

  • 10th June 2015 PGM delivers the Travelling Keystone

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    The Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro John Morgan accompanied by members of his Provincial team visit the Isle of Wedmore Lodge for the meeting on 10th June 2015. The principal reason for the visit was the presentation by the PGM to the Lodge of the Somerset Travelling Keystone on the start of a new two year sojourn round the Province.
    The photo shows the PGM with the keystone surrounded by members of his team and members of Isle of Wedmore Lodge.
    Photo by Ian Pamplin.
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  • 12th May 2010 Consecration

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    Consecration meeting 12th May 2010

    At 11.00am on Wednesday 12th May 2010, in the Masonic Hall at Wedmore, the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. David Nelson assisted by a team of Provincial officers consecrated the Isle of Wedmore Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1912. This is the first new Mark Lodge in the Province since 1988 when the Portcullis Lodge was founded.
    Immediately after the Consecration ceremony the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro Ray Guthrie installed the first Master of the Lodge, W.Bro John Newland Peters who then appointed his officers.
    The ceremonies were followed by a festive banquet and celebration at the Masonic Hall, when over 70 members and guests enjoyed a very pleasant summer lunch.

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