Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Nailsea Park, Nailsea BS48 1BA at 18.30 on the second Wednesday in January, March and October (Installation). The Lodge has 46 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Wednesday 11th October 2017

Martin Slocombe
Grahame Bodman
Phil Thorne

Dave Hutchings
Cliff Hannabuss
Geoff Nash
Asst. DC
Garry Mackenzie
Ray Guthrie
Mike Boxhall
David Palmer
Sandy Kemlo
Cardy Foulds
Asst. Scribe
Peter Tyler
David Grounsell

Brian Hughes

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

1992 Charles Cornish RAMGR
1993 David Nelson RAMGR
1996 Ray Guthrie RAMGR
1999 Tony Snook RAMGR
2000 Geoff Nash RAMGR
2002 Walter Wood PrGR
2003 Stuart Hadler PrGR
2004 David Cooke RAMGR
2005 Garry Mackenzie RAMGR
2008 Derek Shailer RAMGR
2009 John Morgan RAMGR/PGM
2010&11 Sandy Kemlo
2012 Cliff Hannabuss PrGR
2013 Dave Bush
2014 Mark Golding PrGR
2015 Sam Glenn
2016 Mike Morrish

John Peters RAMGR
John Platts RAMGR/PGM Bristol
Peter Cornall RAMGR

Nailsea Lodge News and Events


11th January 2017 - Busy time at Nailsea Royal Ark Mariners

Brother Mike Morrish’s first Ceremony as Worshipful Commander was indeed a busy one. The Lodge room was full to capacity with many members and guests including the Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, John Morgan accompanied by W.Brother Philip Voisey Deputy PGM. Also present were three Past Deputy PGMs, in the persons of VWBrothers Patrick Parker & Raymond Guthrie of Somerset & VWBrother Roger Blake of Gloucester & Herefordshire.
The Lodge also welcomed RWBro. C.A.Stuart Hadler, Craft Provincial Grand Master for Somerset & R.E.Kt. Barry D. Burridge, Provincial Prior, KT. What a night for the new Commander!
A ballot was held for a proposed Honorary Member W. Brother M. Thatcher which was unanimously approved by the Brethren. Brother Michael John Price, a member of Eldon Mark Lodge was balloted for Elevation into Nailsea RAM, subsequently approved & Elevated by the Commander & his Officers with as perfect a ceremony that all present had ever experienced. Incidentally Brother Michael had had only 8 hours-notice that he was the Candidate for this evening.
There next followed the Presentation of the Travelling Ark by the Worshipful Commander & 14 brethren of Thackeray Lodge, who requested the brethren of Nailsea to in turn take it to Bath to continue its two year journey around the Province.
A Grand Lodge Certificate was next presented to Brother David Peters by RWBrother John Morgan, who also had the great pleasure together with VWBrother Roger Blake to present a 50 Years in Royal Ark Masonry Certificate & lapel badge to W. Brother Peter Cornall, a wonderful achievement & one that many present would not have witnessed before.
This very busy & satisfying evening concluded with a splendid Festive Board, where the evening’s activities were happily discussed over a drink or so!
…copy/pics…Pat Morrisey.

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January 2016 - Nailsea Royal Ark Mariners welcomes ‘Chips’

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At the January meeting of Nailsea Royal Ark Mariners Brother ‘Chips’ Rafferty became our newest member.
Chips as he is known to all, was conducted round the Lodge by Senior Deacon, Martin Slocombe. The ceremony was conducted by the Commander, Sam Glenn ably assisted by his Wardens, Mike Morrish and Lindsay Wilkins. W.Bro Geoff Nash communicated the secrets and Bro Grahame Bodman explained the working tools. At the conclusion of the ceremony the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro John Morgan welcomed Chips into Royal Ark Masonry in the Province of Somerset.
Photo Left to right. Mike Morrish - Senior Warden, Commander - Sam Glenn, Candidate - “Chips” Rafferty and Lindsay Wilkins - Junior Warden.
  • October 2014 Installation

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    Installation 8th Oct 2014
    Commander Dave Bush made an excellent job installing his successor Mark Golding in the Chair of the Lodge. It was great to see Bro Sam Glenn appointed Senior Warden after his considerable health problems this year and Bro Mike Morrish was appointed Junior Warden. The Lodge was also honoured with the presence of John Morgan the PGM and Past Commander of the Lodge and the Deputy PGM Philip Voisey. W.Bro Tony Guthrie Provincial ADC accompanied the PGM.
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  • March 2012 New Lodge Banner

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    The new Lodge Banner.
    The Banner of the Nailsea Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners is similar in design to the Nailsea Mark Lodge Banner. The idea for the banner was promoted by W.Bro Cliff Hannabuss and several other members. The manufacture of the banner in Thiland was organised by W.Bro John Morgan.
    The banner which is made of Thia silk bears in the centre the equilateral triangle, the symbol of the degree, a dove is shown above Noah's Ark in the centre of the triangle. This is surrounded by the rainbow.

    This ark with the giraffe is unique to Nailsea RAM, it is said to have taken its rise when the Lodge was founded. When the printer of the first summons, who was apparently working from quite sketchy artwork, mistook the dove flying from the ark as the head of the giraffe. Thus like many things in Masonry a mistake became a tradition! See
    Banner dedication ceremony.

    The banner also bears the symbol of the Nailsea glass blower, the town was famous for its glass manufacturing.

    For more info about Nailsea glass go to :

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