The Irwin Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 119, the oldest Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in the Province, meets at the Masonic Hall, Bath Road Keynsham, Bristiol BS31 1SR at 18.45 on the third Monday in March (Installation), September and November. The Lodge has 31 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Monday 20th March 2017

David Dixon
Peter Martin
Richard Ferris

Bob Newman
Keith Surry
Neil Hawes
Asst. DC
Val Cooke
Dave Foreman
Jim Arthur
Malcolm Toogood
David Foreman
Bill Parks (acting)
Asst. Scribe
Peter Parks
Alistair Slade
Malcolm Behling
Gerry McCann
Alan Thompson
Graham Howell

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

1988 Ron Babbage RAMGR
1996 Ray Guthrie RAMGR
1997 Tony Fisher RAMGR
2000 Bob Newman PrGR
2002 Fred Parsons RAMGR
2003 Dave Foreman PrGR
2004 Neil Hawes
2006 Keith Surry PrGR
2007 Val Cooke PrGR
2010 John Bathe-Taylor PrGR
2012 John Muskett
2014 Ken Ellis
David Bishop
2016 David Nelson RAMGR PPrGM

Roger Blake RAMGR

Irwin Lodge News and Events


November 2017 - Somerset Commanders moor the Travelling Ark at Irwin and a new Royal Ark Mariner.

Monday 21st November 2017 - The Worshipful Commander of the Somerset Commanders Lodge No 1652 W.Bro George Small presents the Travelling Ark to Commander David Dixon (left) As you can see he was well supported by the brethren of his Lodge when they lined up behind him for this photo, no less than twenty brethren.
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In Addition to the presentation Bro Bob Ross, a familiar face at Keynsham Masonic Hall was welcomed and elevated into the degree by the Commander ably assisted by his team of officers. With over forty brethren present it was a truly memorable Masonic occasion. Photo Bro Bob (left) is welcomed by Commander David Dixon.
  • March 2016 - Past PGM David Nelson Installed as Commander

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    Monday 21st March 2016 - Past Provincial Grand Master David Nelson is installed as Commander of Irwin Lodge. It was a special evening in the company of 30 Royal Ark Mariners including the Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro John Morgan. The installation was conducted by outgoing Commander David Bishop who was ably prompted by his successor!
    In the photo left to right. Bro Graham Howell Provincial ADC, PGM John Morgan, Junior Warden - Peter Martin, Commander David Nelson and Senior Warden David Dixon.
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    A donation of £250 to the Provincial Grand Master’s appeal for the Hope for Tomorrow Charity was approved by the Lodge and cheque presented by the new Commander to the John Morgan the Provincial Grand Master.
  • November 2014 - A Somerset Royal Ark Mariner first

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    Irwin Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.119 paid host to the Provincial Grand Master and the Somerset Mark Provincial Team to conduct their first ever Elevation Ceremony. The Regular meeting of Irwin lodge held on Monday 17th November 2014 saw the Worshipful Commander, W.Bro. Ken Ellis hand over the reins to the Provincial Grand Master for Somerset. R.W.Bro. John Graham Morgan PGM, placed those members of his Mark Provincial Team who were also members of the Royal Ark Mariner degree in the respective offices in a Royal Ark Mariner lodge and carried out the full ceremony of Elevation.
    Acting as the lodge officers were:-
    W.Cmdr. – Provincial Grand Master
    S.W. – W.Bro. Roger Hutchings
    J.W. – W.Bro. Brian Foster
    D.C. – W.Bro. Ray Johnstone-Smith
    S.D. – Bro. Sandy Sandford
    J.D. – Bro. Rod Green
    Guardian – Bro. Jim Gilbody
    Warder – W.Bro. Ron Babbage
    The Signs and Secrets were conferred by W.Bro. Phil Voisey, DPGM
    The Working Tools were presented by W.Bro Tony Guthrie
    An explanation of the Nine Steps was given by W.Bro. Ian Strickland
    W.Bro. Phil Voisey also presented Grand Lodge Certificates to Bros. Shaun Hobbs and Malcolm Toogood
    Those present witnessed an impeccable demonstration of the ceremony; showing just how it should be done.
    The candidate for the evening was W.Bro. Peter Parks, a member of Carnarvon Mark lodge No.119 who was delighted to be joining Irwin lodge of RAM and most impressed by the whole occasion; so much so that he proposed his own brother Bill Parks as a candidate for elevation. This will take place on Monday 16th March 2015, when the W.Cmdr. will also be Installing his successor.
    Certainly a night to remember!
    Neil Hawes Scribe
  • March 2013 Installation meeting

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    Installation night 18th March 2013.
    John Muskett installed Paul Giblin as Commander of Irwin Lodge in his own inimitable style!
    Deputy PGM John Morgan was present and gave the address to the Commander.
    The Worshipful Commander is in the Chair, on his left Ken Ellis the Senior Warden. On the Commanders right are David Bishop the Junior Warden and Deputy PGM John Morgan.
  • March 2012 Installation meeting

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    Installation night 19th March 2012.
    Toby Hammond made a superb job of installing his successor John Muskett in the Chair of Irwin Royal Ark Mariner Lodge. John as many of us know spends some time on cruise ships but now he is in charge of the Ark!
    The Worshipful Commander is in the Chair, on his left Toby Hammond and Junior Warden Ken Ellis. On the Commanders right is Paul Giblin the Senior Warden and Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie.
  • November 2010 - Travelling Ark sails in from 348 Taunton.

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    15th November 2010 - Brethren of the Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners, Taunton sail the Travelling Ark to the Irwin Lodge at Keynsham. In the photo left to right Sidney French, David Bates, Terry Haggett, John Bathe Taylor and Richard Francis.
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