Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Albert Road, Clevedon BS21 7RN at 19.00 on the first Monday in February, April, October (Installation) and December. The Lodge has 41 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Monday 2nd October 2017

Tony Edwards
Roger Morss
Mike Fazackerley
John Massey
Neil Hurcum
Andy Gray
Asst. DC
Derek Wilton
Richard Ellis
Andy Wade
Brian Rees
Matt Westley (Guest)
Peter Harris
Alan Trask
Ian MacDonald
Sam Stride
George Sargeant

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

1993 Mike Burridge RAMGR
1994 John Massey RAMGR
2001 Ian Waterhouse PrGR
2005 Sydney Brailey PrGR
2006 Derek Wilton RAMGR
2007 Ian Strickland PrGR
2008 Steve Williams PrGR
2009 Neil Hurcum PrGR
2010 Alan Douglas PrGR
2011 Pat Morrisey PrGR
2012 Phil Voisey RAMGR
2013 & 14 Andy Gray
2015 Geoff Seaman
2016 Derek Bromwich

Thackeray Lodge News and Events

December 2016 -Thackeray’s Special Meeting, 80 plus in attendance

Monday 5th December ‘marked’ a special day in the calendar or Thackeray Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners.
The Lodge was honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, John Morgan, his Deputy, Philip Voisey & many members of the Provincial Team. Amongst the many visitors present were Past Deputy Provincial Grand Masters Pat Parker & Geoff Nash.
The occasion? To welcome the Master, W. Brother Terry Hart & Brethren of the Yatton Lodge of RAM, No. 967 & receive from them the Travelling Ark on its continued journey around the Province.
Secondly, to witness with due & solemn ceremony, the presentation & dedication of new Collars of Rank for all the present & future Officers of the Lodge.
The Ark was received with pleasure by Geoff Seaman, the Master in the chair & will in turn travel to Nailsea RAM on Wednesday 11th January 2016.
W. Brother Geoff next proffered the baton to the PGM, who received it with pleasure, took the chair & installed members of the Provincial team to the various Lodge Offices.
After due ceremony, the Officers of the Lodge together with the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Mark Golding, were called upon to retire & escort the new & covered collars into the Lodge. The Provincial Grand Chaplain, Bro. The Reverend Stuart Boyd together with the PGM unveiled the collars & the prayer of dedication was given.
After which the Baton was returned to its rightful place, further business was concluded & the Lodge was duly closed. All retired to a very welcome Festive Board…..copy/pics..Pat Morrisey.

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  • Installation Meeting 5th October 2015

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    The Installation meeting commenced with an extra item on the summons, namely to elect a new Worshipful Commander for the ensuing year. Unfortunately during the summer the former Commander-elect Bro. Bob Biggs had indicated that, for health reasons, he would not be able to take the chair as had been hoped. Instead the SW Bro. Geoff Seaman had agreed to take his place, and once elected was duly installed by W. Bro. Andy Gray in what was an excellent ceremony. (With the DPGM on the left as his IPC and the PGM on his right, Andy couldn’t put a foot wrong even if he had wanted to!). With one candidate proposed at the meeting and the prospect of another on the horizon the year looks set fair for W. Bro. Geoff to prove the Lodge shipshape during his year in office. All present were very grateful to W. Bro. Andy for having stayed at the helm for two years and keeping the Lodge on an even keel, and handing over to his successor in fine form.
    The Lodge was honoured by the presence of the PGM along with W. Bro. Mike Condick PrGJW, the DPGM as an acting officer and W. Bro. Geoff Nash as a visitor.
    The meeting was followed by a very pleasant festive board with all the good humour and friendship that one would expect in this degree. Even the ‘naughty table’ seemed to almost behave themselves! (If you don’t know what this is, come along and find out!). We look forward the year ahead.
    Photo - Pat Morrisey words - Ian Strickland
    In the photo left to right - W. Bro. Mike Condick PrGJW, PGM, W. Bro. Derek Bromwich SW, W. Bro. Geoff Seaman PrGSW Worshipful Commander, W. Bro. Pat Morrisey acting JW, W. Bro. Andy Gray Installing Commander and W. Bro. Phil Voisey DPGM.
  • Installation Meeting 6th October 2014

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    Bro Bob Biggs the Senior Warden of the Lodge should have been installed this evening but unfortunately he was not well enough to e able to take the chair. The incumbent Commander, W.Bro Andy Gray agreed to continue in office and he was proclaimed as Commander for the ensuing year by W.Bro Phil Voisey the Deputy PGM.
    W.Bro Andy then continued to appoint his new officers. The evening finished with a very pleasant festive board and the usual toasts.
    Although we were disappointed that Bob Biggs could not take the Chair we all hope that he will be well enough to do so at some future date.
    In the photo (left to right) Bro. Geoff Seaman, Senior Warden. Phil Voisey, Deputy PGM, Andy Gray, W. Commander. Derek Bromwich, Junior Warden.
  • Installation Meeting Monday 1st October 2012

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    Bob Biggs -JW, David Nelson-PGM, Phil Voisey - Commander, John Morgan-DPGM, Pat Morrisey-Installing Commander and Andy Gray-SW.
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    Commander Phil Voisey presents Tony Edwards with a cheque for £300 in aid of Weston Hospicecare.
    One look at the dining list for the October meeting of Thackeray RAM would surely have been enough to make many Worshipful Commanders turn weak at the knees, for the Lodge was to be honoured by the presence of the PGM, DPGM and PDPGM, along with 11 other visitors, for what was to be our outgoing Commander’s swansong as he installed his successor. However, W. Bro. Pat Morrisey was made of sterner stuff, and gave an excellent example of how to carry out the ceremony which did both him and the Lodge proud and no doubt impressed all present – whatever their rank.

    This confidence was obviously infectious, for the new Commander W. Bro. Phil Voisey carried on in similar vein, and certainly bodes well for the year ahead in the Lodge. Two candidates were proposed, giving W. Bro. Phil the opportunity to prove his officers shipshape (but hopefully not Bristol fashion?) in the meetings to come.
    On a personal note, it will be a pleasure not to have to endure the strains of “Any old iron” from the acting organist W. Bro. Matt Wesley during the incoming and outgoing processions anymore! No doubt he will find something equally apt for our new Commander.

    At the festive board Bro. Tony Edwards organised a raffle in aid of
    Weston Hospicecare, which had supported his late wife Pam admirably during her struggle with terminal cancer earlier in the year. This was very well supported by all present, and was made up to the sum of £300 by the Lodge, the cheque being presented by W. Bro. Phil at the end of the evening.
    All present agreed that the meeting was a great success and once again exhibited the warmth, fellowship and friendship for which the Royal Ark Mariner degree is so well know.

    Ian Strickland. Scribe
  • Installation Meeting 3rd October 2011

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    At the meeting on 3rd October 2011 W. Bro. Alan Douglas installed his successor W. Bro. Pat Morrisey into the Commander’s chair in blistering heat in Clevedon Temple, the weather being uncharacteristically hot for a RAM meeting at the start of October. All present agreed it was an excellent evening, and quite an achievement for both the installing and incoming Commanders as they were suffering from heavy colds, something which was not evident (apart from W. Bro. Pat having acquired a somewhat husky tone of voice). The ceremony concluded with a presentation of the Royal Ark Mariner Charge after Installation.
    The meeting as always was a very warm and friendly one, an atmosphere much contributed to by the presence of the RW Provincial Grand Master along with a good number of visitors.
    Thackeray Lodge continues in good heart, and all present agreed that the Installation ceremony augured well for a successful year ahead. With two candidates having been proposed W. Bro. Pat should have ample opportunity to prove his team in the months ahead.
    In the photo (left to right) Bro. Andy Gray JW, David Nelson PGM, Pat Morrisey W. Commander, Alan Douglas IPC, Phil Voisey SW.
  • Installation meeting 4th October 2010.

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    At the meeting on 4th October 2010 W. Bro. Neil Hurcum installed his successor W. Bro. Alan Douglas into the Commander’s chair in most confident manner, which gave all fortunate enough to see it a splendid example of the Royal Ark mariner installation ceremony. All present were most impressed, not least the newly installed Commander. With the new officers duly invested the Lodge looked set for an enjoyable and rewarding 12 months ahead. The ceremony concluded with a presentation of the Royal Ark Mariner Charge after Installation, which had not been heard in the Lodge for many years.
    The meeting as always was a warm and friendly one, an atmosphere contributed to by the presence of W. Bro. Ray Guthrie Deputy PGM, along with a good number of visitors.
    The Lodge looks forward to the December meeting at which we are to welcome the R.W. Provincial Grand Master along with the Provincial team on an official visit, as well as receiving the travelling ark from the Commander and brethren of Irwin Lodge of RAM No. 119.
    Thackeray Lodge continues in good heart, and hopes to weather the storm of increased levies with minimum damage, and looks forward to future calmer waters.
    The photo shows, l to r, Pat Morrisey - SW, Ray Guthrie - DPGM, Commander - Alan Douglas and Phil Voisey - JW.
    Ian Strickland

  • PGM and Team visit plus Irwin Lodge and the Travelling Ark - December 2010

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    On Mon. 6th December Thackeray Lodge was delighted to welcome not only the RW. PGM and the Provincial team, but 6 members of Irwin Lodge with the Travelling Ark. Despite being proffered the Sceptre the RW. PGM declined, giving the WC of Thackeray the chance to conduct his first RAM ceremony of the year. The Travelling Ark was presented by WC John Bathe-Taylor and the visitors from Irwin Lodge. The highlight of the evening was the Elevation of Bro. Richard Ellis, who all agreed would be a great asset to the Lodge. The evening was most enjoyable, and it was a pleasure to welcome so many visitors to Thackeray. 
    Photo and report by Ian Strickland.
    The photo above shows Commander Alan Douglas with the PGM and his team and the photo right shows The Commander receiving the Travelling Ark from John Bathe-Taylor, Commander of Irwin Lodge of RAM and his brethren.
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