Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Fore Street, Chard TA20 1PH, at 18.30 on the third Wednesday of February, April, October (Installation 18.15), except December when it is the second Wednesday at 18.30. The Lodge has 38 subscribing members

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Wednesday 17th October 2018

Worshipful Master - Ben Newton
Senior Warden - Ian Clift
Junior Warden -
Richard P Baker
Master Overseer -
Bill Newton
Senior Overseer -
Alan Gitsham
Junior Overseer - Mike Dadds
Chaplain - Paulin Philips
Treasurer -
Steve Pike
Registrar of Marks - Roger Allen
Secretary -
Paul Brice-Bullows
Director of Ceremonies - Peter Knapman
Almoner - Terry Harris
Charity Steward -
Roy Harkness
Senior Deacon - Martin Lock
Junior Deacon -
Dave Wakely
Assistant DC - Graham Turner
Organist - Andy Campbell
Asst Sec -
Inner Guard - Stephen Warwick
Stewards -
Tyler - Alan Morris

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1976 Stanley Hopkins PGJO
1984 Jimmy Evans SW
1988 Ian Walker
1991&2000 Peter Knapman
1996 Paul Newham SO
1997 & 2005 Mike Hole SO
1998 & 2007 Steve Pike MO
2002 Paulin Phillips JO
2004 Nigel White SO
2006 Richard Baker JW
2008 Bill Newton SO

2010 Stanley Langhorn JD
2011 Terry Harris JD
2012 Ron Jones JD
2013 Roger Allen JD
2014 Grahame Turner JD
Martin Lock JD
2016-17 Bob Loader

Rob Stacey PAGStB
Peter Penfold JD
Paul Brice-Bullows

Cerdic Lodge News and Events

April 2018 - A very busy evening at Cerdic!

There was a lot going on at the April meeting of Cerdic Lodge. A demonstration of an old working of the mark degree by the Somerset Antient Mark Masters, all splendidly dressed in period costumes. Their presentation was much appreciated by all the brethren present.

The Provincial Grand Master RW Bro John Graham Morgan presented a 50th certificate to W Bro Stanley Langhorn. In fact W Bro Stan was presented with three certificates: the first, a Jubilee Certificate from The Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland which is where his Mark Masonry began. His second certificate was from the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and the PGM also presented him with a certificate and a Mark 50th year Lapel Badge from the Province of Somerset. Following an account of Stan’s life in the Royal Navy and his Masonic career the certificates were read to the brethren by the secretary and then presented by the PGM.

Mrs Lis Foy, the Schools Liaison Officer for the 'School in a Bag Charity' give a most informative talk on the work of this amazing charity. She explained that by the end of the year they will have donated 100,000 schoolbags containing eating utensils and school stationery equipment to countries all around the world. Each bag costs about £20.00 including shipping to poor, distressed and deprived children. Each bag carries a unique number linking the donor to the child receiving the bag on the charity’s database. Following this most interesting talk, the Worshipful Master, W.Bro Bob Loader, presented a cheque from the lodge for £500.00, following which, the Provincial Grand Master added a further £250 from the Provincial Funds.
  •  The Master Bob Loader with Mrs Lis Foy, the Schools Liaison Officer for the 'School in a Bag Charity'

    The Master Bob Loader with Mrs Lis Foy, the Schools Liaison Officer for the 'School in a Bag Charity'

  •  Masters and Wardens! left to right: Brian Foster-JW SAMM's, Ian Clift-JW 571, Chris Court-Worshipful Sir SAMM's, Bob Loader-Master 571, Ben Newton-SW 571 and Roy Morley-SW SAMM's

    Masters and Wardens! left to right: Brian Foster-JW SAMM's, Ian Clift-JW 571, Chris Court-Worshipful Sir SAMM's, Bob Loader-Master 571, Ben Newton-SW 571 and Roy Morley-SW SAMM's

  •  The Provincial Grand Master RW Bro John Graham Morgan presenting a 50th certificate to W Bro Stanley Langhorn

    The Provincial Grand Master RW Bro John Graham Morgan presenting a 50th certificate to W Bro Stanley Langhorn

For more info about the work of the Charity go to

Photos by Alan Gitsham, words Ian Walker
  • October 2015 Installation

    Open or Close
    Cerdic Mark Lodge Installation on Wednesday 21st October 2015 was honoured, not only by the presence of the PGM, RW Bro John Graham Morgan and his DC, W Bro Mark Golding DPrGDC, but also the Provincial Senior and Junior Grand Wardens, W Bros. Geoff Seaman and Mike Condick. In addition we were also honoured by the presence of the DPGM for Dorset W Bro Jim Rowe who has been visiting Cerdic for many years representing his lodge, the Victory Mark Lodge No. 690, which is anchored in Bridport.

    The photo shows from left to right: W Bro Mark Golding, The RWPGM, W Bro Geoff Seaman PrSGW, Bro Kevin Douglas JW, W Bro Martin Lock WM, Bro Bob Loader SW, W Bro Mike Condick PrJGW, Peter Knapman (Acting) DC, W Bro Grahame Turner IPM and W Bro Jim Rowe DPGM of Dorset.
    Words and photo - Ian Walker
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  • February 2015 Stanley Hopkins recieves his 50 year certificate from the PGM

    Open or Close
    At the meeting on 15th February 2015 a certificate was presented to Very Worshipful Brother Stanley HAF Hopkins to celebrate his 50 years of Mark Masonry. The RW Provincial Grand Master invited VW Bro Stanley to join him in the NE corner of the Lodge in order to make the presentation.
    The PGM delivered a most interesting account of VW Bro Stanley's early life and his progress in Mark Masonry and Masonry in general. The secretary was then invited to read the Grand Lodge Certificate to the Brethren before the presentation was made. The PGM then also presented VW Bro Stanley with a framed Provincial Certificate. VW Bro Stanley addressed the Lodge expressing his grateful thanks to the PGM and all members of Cerdic Lodge.
    Photo and words by Ian Walker
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  • October 2014 Installation

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    Installation Night 15th October 2014
    Graham Turner is Installed in the Chair

    Photo left to right. Norman Ackland the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, Graham Turner Master and Graham Howell Provincial ADC.
  • October 2012 Installation

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    Installation 17th October 2012

    Worshipful Master W Bro Terry Harris welcomed W Bro John G Morgan, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Somerset, to the Cerdic Mark Lodge's Installation meeting. He then went on to ably install his successor Bro Ron Jones who then appointed and invested his officers for the year: Following a successful ballot, W Bro Ron Jones welcomed W Bro Peter Penfold as a joining member. Cerdic Lodge will be meeting again on Wednesday 12th December when it will be advancing Brother Charlie Swaffield of the Somerset Tablers' Lodge. We also look forward to advancing two Dorset Master Masons next year.
    Ian Walker, Secretary

    Left to right in the photo, Roger Allen -
    SW, John Morgan - Deputy PGM, Ron Jones - Master and Grahame Turner - JW
  • February 2012 Banner Dedication

    Open or Close
    Banner Dedication 15th February 2012.

    W. Bro Ray Guthrie, Deputy PGM led a team of Provincial Officers for the dedication of the new Lodge Banner. The new banner was paraded round the Lodge with due formality after being presented to the DPGM by the Master, Terry Harris and Banner Bearer, Steve Pike. After an oration from the Provincial Garnd Chaplain, W.Bro Vernon Harding the Banner was dedicated.
    The Festive Board was enjoyed afterwards at which the Master presented the Deputy PGM with a Rolex. Click on the photo gallery to view the pictures.
  • October 2011 Installation

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    Installation Night 19th October 2011. W Bro Mick Abbott made an excellent job of installing Bro Terry Harris into the chair. It was a very good evening with the Provincial Junior Grand Warden Roger Teale representing the PGM.
    In the photo left are, Ron Jones SW, the new Master Terry Harris and Roger Allen JW. The photo below shows the WM Terry Harris with W Bro Roger Teale to his right, together with several other important people who managed to squeeze into the photo! Plus of course our brand new Lodge Banner, which the Provincial Grand Master will dedicate at our February meeting. Ian Walker
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  • october 2010 Installation

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    The Installation meeting at Cerdic Mark Lodge No. 571 based in Chard took place on Wednesday 20 October 2010. Bro Stanley Langhorn was expertly installed into the Chair by W Bro Mick Abbott.
    The Lodge was honoured by the presence of W Bro Tony Wilcox PrGSW representing the RW Provincial Grand Master of Somerset assisted by W Bro Ray Johnstone-Smith the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. Following the Installation, W Bro Tony Wilcox presented our recently advanced Brother Matthew Crouch with his Grand Lodge Certificate.
    Following the meeting, an excellent meal was enjoyed by all, accompanied by much lively banter! Ian Walker

    In the photo l to r: Terry Harris - SW, Tony Wilcox - PrGSW, Stan Langhorn - Master, Ray Johnstone-Smith - Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Nigel White - JW, Mick Abbott - Installing Master.
  • December 2009 Father advances Son

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    The Christmas meeting at Cerdic Lodge on Wednesday 8th December 2009 was a very special occasion for father and son Bill and Ben Newton. The Worshipful Master, W Bro Stanley Langhorn invited W Bro Bill to take the chair for the ceremony in order to advance his son Ben into the Lodge.

    The occasion was made even more special when the Provincial Grand Master accompanied by the Provincial Junior Warden, W Bro Neil Hawes and a number of Grand Officers visited for this special occasion. Even W Bro Steve Defries made a special visit to provide the music, as our organist W Bro Don Fisher has been so unwell recently.

    It was a very memorable evening for all the brethren and in particular for W Bro Bill and Bro Ben.
  • Design for the new Lodge Banner

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    New Banner proposed for the Lodge.

    Cerdic Lodge has been given the honour of hosting the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting at the Webbington Hotel in May 2011. Many of the brethren have expressed a wish for Cerdic Lodge to have a banner for that occasion. Over the summer recess, several ideas have been circulating around the membership by email, until a final version with a representation of the ancient King Cerdic of Wessex who, according to legend, was based in Chard, was chosen. (See image below) We hope that, if approved and constructed in time, it will be shown on-parade at Provincial Grand Lodge.
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