Meeting at The Masonic Hall, Old Orchard Street, Bath. BA1 1JU at 18.30 on the first Wednesday in March, April and November (installation). The Lodge has 22 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Wednesday 1st November 2017

Frank Silver
Richard Thurston
Mike Jakins
Ewan Page
John A Nicholson
Richard Cooper
Asst. DC
Trevor Burton
David Dixon
John W Nicholson
Ian Cox
Dennis Calderley
Asst. Scribe
Ian Anderson
Geoff Ifill

Past Commanders of and in the Lodge

1981 Dennis Calderley RAMGR
1991 Ian Cox RAMGR
2002 Trevor Burton RAMGR
2003 Tony Carter PrGR
2005 Mike Jakins PrGR
2007 Ewan Page GMRAC Hon C
2008 Richard Cooper PrGR
2010 John Nicholson
2011 Frank Silver PrGR
2012 Richard Thurston PrGR
2013-14 Barry McCormack
2015 Derran Lobb
2016 Trevor Quartermaine

Bath TI Lodge News and Events


Installation Meeting 2nd November 2016

Perhaps at a Provincial meeting but very rarely at a regular Lodge meeting will you find more than two Right Worshipful Brethren together. Perhaps a quiz what is the correct collective noun, (a moan, a salutation?)
Bath Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners however had the pleasure of experiencing such a gathering at its Installation meeting on 2nd November 2016.
Twenty one other brethren enjoyed the company of R.W.Bro. John Morgan, (PGM for Somerset), R.W.Bro. Ewan Page (Past PGM Berkshire, Member of Grand Masters Royal Ark Council Honoris Causa and member of the Lodge) and R.W.Bro. David Nelson Past PGM for Somerset during an excellent evening when W.Bro. Derran Lobb installed Bro. Trevor Quartermaine as WCN.
Probably the comment of RWBro. John is the best way to describe Bath Lodge of Royal Ark Mariner Small in numbers, friendly banter ensuring a happy meeting and an excellent festive board.
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Photo left to right
RWBro David Nelson (Past PGM Somerset) RWBro John Morgan (PGM) W.Bro. Trevor Quartermaine (WCN). WBro. Derran Lobb (Installing IPCN) RWBro Ewan Page Past PGM Berkshire member Grand Masters Council Honoris Causa and Lodge Chaplain. Photo Richard Cooper

  • Open or Close
  • Installation April 2013

    Open or Close
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    April 2013 Bath Lodge of Time Immemorial has had a very successful year with two good candidate Bros. Trevor Quartermaine (WC Right) and David Anthony (WC Left) pictured either side of the Worshipful Commander Richard Thurston, (centre of photo).
  • Installation April 2010

    Open or Close
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    Installation night, 3rd November 2010. John Nicholson, the new Commander in the centre. Flanked on his right by Derek Shailer, representing the PGM and Frank Silver, Junior Warden. On his left is Richard Thurston, Junior Warden and Mark Golding Provincial ADC.
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